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The consequence has established the customer of murder of head Chelyabinsk FOMS

Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia (SKP) has informed on March, 18th on an establishment of the customer of murder of the head of the Chelyabinsk regional Fund of obligatory medical insurance (FOMS) Valery Nekrasov. The consequence has brought accusations in the order and the organisation of this crime to a member of meeting of deputies of Satkinsky municipal area of the Chelyabinsk area to Anatoly Gromovu.
Investigating bodies of investigatory committee on the Chelyabinsk area bring accusation to the deputy of meeting of deputies of Satkinsky municipal area of the Chelyabinsk area, the head physician of Municipal authority of public health services Central mediko - a sanitary part Magnesite in the city of Satka to Anatoly Gromovu - it is told in the department message. Gromova accuse on ch. 3 items 33, the item z ch. 2 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the murder organisation on hiring).

we Will remind that Valery Nekrasov has been shot at an entrance of the house in Satka (the Chelyabinsk area) on November, 22nd, 2009. In a week alleged murderers and the intermediary who lived in the next Silver-tongued orator have been detained.

initially the consequence has declared three possible motives of murder is a professional work in the area of FOMS, political (Valery Nekrasov has been appointed an United Russia responsible for the organisation of elections of the head of administration of Satkinsky municipal area of the Chelyabinsk area) and, at last, the household. However then the so-called political version became priority. As have told the former colleagues Valery Nekrasov which before appointment as head FOMS was headed more than seven years by Satkinsky area, in 2008 it has prevented rejdersky Open Society capture Electric systems . But the defeated party has not calmed down and, under some information, plans to expose the person on elections of the head of administration. And Nekrasov as the curator of these elections from an United Russia could prevent - have told Nekrasov`s acquaintances.