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The court of Novosibirsk has sentenced the organizer “ Monstratsy “

on March, 18th the Dzerzhinsky district court of Novosibirsk has sentenced the organizer of the youth action to the penalty “ Monstratsija “ 22 - summer artist Artema Loskotova to the penalty in 20 thousand rbl. for storage of drugs. The decision has not arranged neither public prosecutors, nor the lawyer of mister Loskutova who during litigation the fault did not recognise.
“ punishment is appointed softer in comparison with what I asked to appoint in debate “ - has declared RIA “ News “ state accuser Sergey Dyomin who demanded to sentence the artist to a year of imprisonment conditionally. “ protection considers a today`s sentence one-sided. We will achieve sentence cancellation. We consider that in the given case there should be one decision is a verdict of “not guilty“ “ - the lawyer of mister Loskotova Valentine Demidenko has told, having reminded that its client did not recognise fault and asserts that drugs to it were thrown by militiamen. Protection intends to appeal against sentence in regional court.

employees of the centre on struggle against extremism of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have detained Artema Loskutova on May, 15th, 2009, having withdrawn from it a package with 11 gr. Marihuana. Accusation on p.1 item 228 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (illegal acquisition or storage of narcotics without a sales objective) which provides till three years of imprisonment has been brought to it. During litigation mister Loskutov asserted that militiamen earlier repeatedly warned him that if it does not stop to collect young men on street demonstrations it will be arrested. The consul general of the country observed of process on the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany in Novosibirsk Ralf Dorman.

the Student of Novosibirsk state technical university 22 - summer Artem of Rags is known as one of organizers of the annual May Day action spent since 2004 “ Monstratsija “ when gathering by a principle flesh - moba young men march on streets of Novosibirsk with paradoxical slogans: “ As - nibud so! “ “ Where I? “ “ about, the master, where your switch? “. As a rule, in actions takes part from 100 to 300 young men. Any political requirements “ monstranty “ do not put forward. Uniqueness of the action that each participant expresses own opinion own art method. In 2006 mister Loskutov has organised the picket devoted to third anniversary of arrest eks - heads of YUKOS Michael Khodorkovsky. It is the leader of Novosibirsk association of young artists “ the Grandmother after funeral “.