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The editor-in-chief of Russian Newsweek denies attempt to bribe GAI officer

Editor-in-chief of magazine Newsweek in Russia Michael Fishman named provocation the videoclip which has appeared on the Internet where he ostensibly tries to bribe police officers. He intends to address for explanations in bodies vnutrennyh affairs with official inquiry.
it is ineptly made installation. Against me provocation in which have appeared has been organised law enforcement officers " are involved; - mister Fishman in the blog in ZHZH on March, 18th has informed. As he said, video from which the roller is mounted, have been removed about one year back. I broke nothing, and all documents at me were as it should be. But inspectors have found out, having contacted someone on a portable radio set that I have debts under penalties earlier written out to me for infringements of traffic regulations. I have told that it is truth that I know about it, it is necessary to pay, and I brake with it. Me have asked, when I can pay them. I have answered that now I can not, there is no with themselves money though I can remove them from a credit card. They have asked, how many at me with themselves of money. I have answered: 500 roubles. Me have released with a parting word that it is necessary - taki to pay all penalties. I also did not think to anybody to offer a bribe. However the people who have placed a roller on the Internet, have mounted it so that to make impression that I try to bribe police officers - mister Fishman in a blog writes. The journalist intends will address with official inquiry in militia to find out, as the materials mounted thus with participation of law enforcement officers have appeared in wide access to networks .