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In the Chechen Republic one of leaders of terrorists

the President of the Chechen republic Ramzan Kadyrov is destroyed has informed on destruction of one of the most known leaders of terrorists of Abu Haleda. According to Kadyrov, the insurgent was one of three criminals who were responsible for fulfilment almost of all acts of terrorism in republic last years. Now the Chechen agents of national security continue special action on liquidation of bandit group of 20 insurgents.
on March, 18th Ramzan Kadyrov has visited a special action venue in mountains of Vedensky area of the Chechen Republic. on me have just reported that the person of one of the killed insurgents is established is a citizen of one of the Near-Eastern countries, the Arab on a nationality of Abu Haled - Kadyrov after conversation with agents of national security has informed. Abu Haled, under the operative data, has arrived to the Chechen republic 13 years ago. He was engaged in technical and psychological preparation of terrorists. Having special preparation, Abu Haled could disappear for many years in mountains - Kadyrov has noted, naming destruction of this terrorist by the big achievement.

according to the president, almost all acts of terrorism made in republic during the last years, three persons - Abu Haled, Muhannad and Yasser organised. Now turn behind destruction of the remained two leaders. Kadyrov has informed that during current special action the six mercenaries submitting to Yasser and Muhannadu are killed already. According to the head of the Chechen Republic, now on village close Hazhi Vvedensky`s territory of area - Yurtas (village May Day) the bandit group of 20 Arabian insurgents directly connected with Al - Kaidoj is blocked. Kadyrov has noted a difficult lay of land in which it is necessary to combat. Insurgents disappeared in wood for years and know area better agents of national security.

Special action in territory of the Chechen Republic has begun on March, 17th and is spent by forces of employees of a regiment of militia spetsnaznachenija the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic of a name of Ahmat - hadzhi Kadyrov, departments of militia of Vedensky, Kurchalojsky and Shalinsky areas, and also military men of a battalion of special troops of internal troops the South . Against insurgents shelling and investigation from air is applied. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already had in loss: during fights in the first put special actions three employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have been killed, two have got wounds.