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Omari Tetradze was tired after the first

the Head coach of club Russian football the prime minister - leagues (RFPL) Anzhi Omari Tetradze has resigned, having pled fatigue. Its place will be soon occupied with Gadzhi Gadzhiev earlier already supervising a Makhachkala command. For signing of the contract mister Gadzhiev has arrived yesterday to capital of Dagestan from Dubai where had a rest with a family.
Omari Tetradze has resigned from a post of the head coach Anzhi in total through round after the championship beginning. For all history of the Russian football it only the second case when the instructor of the team of an elite battalion leaves so early. Till now of resignation after the first round Sergey Rozhkov dismissed from " could brag only; the Dynamo - Gazovika in 1995. But in a case with the Tyumen command it was a question of dismissal of the expert invited as a time figure. Omari Tetradze in Anzhi Which he has headed in 2007, quite trusted and to change for anybody did not gather. At least so the president of club Magomedsultan Magomedov spoke.

Omari Tetradze, by its own words, has decided to leave a team itself. The reason of the leaving he names weariness. I three years in Anzhi also was tired of problems, seldom saw a family, and my younger daughter has grown without me, it is very heavy - the trainer has told. Mister Tetradze has noticed that Magomedsultan Magomedov tried to persuade him to remain, but unsuccessfully. we have left friends, - has declared Omari Tetradze. - Perhaps, my resignation after the first round also seems hasty, but the moment, on - to mine, is chosen the correct. After all the period dozajavok is prolonged till April, 8th, and it means that the trainer who will come on my place, will have time, that doukomlektovat a command. Possibilities at club for this purpose are. We could amplify and earlier, but those players who were offered in the market, personally did not suit me. And strengthening is necessary, as with present structure we can struggle only for a survival in the prime minister - league .

Successor Omari Tetradze on a post of the head coach Anzhi possibly, there is Gadzhi Gadzhiev already supervising a Makhachkala command. And twice. Gadzhiev headed Anzhi with 1999 for 2001 and in a season of 2003. In club on the information on Gadzhiev`s fast appointment do not make comments. Nevertheless, as has informed Gadzhi Gadzhiev, it has interrupted rest in Dubai and has taken off for Makhachkala for negotiations with a management Anzhi . And Omari Tetradze speaks about appointment of mister Gadzhiev as about the solved question.

as has informed a source in club, to change of the trainer in Anzhi The certain potential sponsors who have caused granting of financial support by appointment to a trainer`s post of mister Gadzhiev are involved. Gadzhi Gadzhiev does not confirm this version, but supposes that it is not unreasonable. those who makes such decisions, are in Makhachkala, and, naturally, anybody about it by phone does not conduct any negotiations. And so I while have no representation about it. If it occurs, it will be good for football, it is good for Anzhi - the trainer has told.

mister Gadzhiev has confirmed that if negotiations end successfully, the former player of modular Ukraine Andrey Gusin who has already arrived to Makhachkala will work with it in steam. On a question, whether there are at it on a sign players with whom it would be possible to strengthen Anzhi till April, 8th, mister Gadzhiev has answered negatively: I not the selector, not the agent, and such players at me was not present. These need to be engaged constantly and if you are not engaged constantly it is necessary to represent at least where you in a month or in a half-month will work also what positions to you it is necessary to strengthen .