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Rosneft denies hearings about freezing of the accounts

on March, 18th a press - service of the company of Open Society NK Rosneft has extended the statement in which named any messages on freezing of payments of the company not representing the facts. Having admitted the fact of judicial proceedings with the former affiliated company NK YUKOS Dutch Yukos Capital S. a. r. l., Rosneft has underlined that neither on its financial activity, nor it is not reflected in deliveries of oil in any way.
a press - service of the largest Russian exporter of oil - Rosneft has declared that the company completely carries out of all obligations on deliveries of oil and oil products, including under export contracts and any interdictions for payments for the put oil in US dollars does not exist .

In Rosneft Have noticed that now really there is a judicial suit with Yukos Capital S. a. r. l. Within the limits of it on February, 8th the federal court of state of New York has imposed a temporary ban for realisation of payments. However on February, 17th the interdiction has been removed. at hearings on March, 17th, 2010 the court of state of New York has made the decision on absence at it of the competence to consider the given case. The court also has declared that presence of actives NK " can become the unique basis for a jurisdiction recognition; Rosneft in state of New York, also has given to the claimant approximately 60 days for their search then if such actives it will be revealed not, the claim it will be refused completely - it is explained in the statement Rosneft . The company has underlined that the court has rejected also all other petitions Yukos Capital.

Besides, now the company challenges a judgement of London about arrest of a part of property Rosneft in territory of England and the Wales. On March, 11th the court has decided to use this measure in quality obespechitelnoj under claim Yukos Capital. In Rosneft have underlined that the arrested property is not essential to the company and cannot affect its functioning and execution of the obligations.

we will remind, the day before the Reuters agency referring to traders and sources in branch has informed that Rosneft can face problems at sale of oil from - for instructions of courts in the USA and Great Britain. They do actually impossible payments to the company in US dollars. there are the instructions, not allowing to register payments in advantage Rosneft . It concerns the companies registered in Great Britain and the USA. That is it concerns, as I understand, all mejdzherov, and is possible, and all large traders - has quoted agency of a word of one of traders. After occurrence of the message of the action Rosneft Have fallen to the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on 2,3 %, and on RTS have fallen in price following the results of day on 1,8 % while RTS index has grown on 1,74 %.