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Odnoteraktnaja melodrama

on September, 11th could not take Robert Pattinsona unawares
the Prime minister cinema

Nju - jorkskaja the film story “ Remember me “ (Remember Me) tries to make the person from devchachego Robert Pattinsona`s known first of all on a role of the most irresistible vampire in " idol; Twilight “ (Twilight). Behind touching attempts blood-sicking sex - a symbol to reincarnate in something like new James Dina observed Lydia MASLOV.

in “ Remember me “ director Allen Koulter tries to design “ a presentiment on September, 11th “ and to inform a message that it is necessary to love the relatives while they are still live, - after all it only seems that they will eternally bother you, and actually their fragile life can break at any moment. The student without the accurate vital plan which is played by Robert Pattinson, loves brother Michael who has committed suicide in 1995 - m, in 22 - j birthday: as proof of fraternal affection on the left breast at the hero it is tattooed “ Michael “ and, besides, he writes every morning as though on a next world of the letter with citations from Gandi, sitting in a coffee house where they had usually breakfast with the brother. Live relatives too are not deprived by attention of the hero: especially gets to the imposing well-cared father (the Pier Brosnan), to the owner of magnificent office in one of towers - twins, - the son persistently gnaws to it plesh that he loves the younger daughter, the ordinary-looking girl - the four-eyes which and at school too offend a little. As it was wrong and how much actually the father loves the children, is simple where - that very deeply in a shower, the hero understands much later, having seen in the fatherly computer a screensaver with family photos and without having shed a few tears nearly.

Except the father - Skrudzha, the hero is oppressed by the same problem, as many inhabitants of New York, - there is no place to smoke easy a cigarette, without feeling the enemy of a society so our rebel without the reason is compelled to come off in a fatherlike reception, zabychkovav a stub in a crystal vase. In all the rest the hero too consistently opposes predetermined mazhorskoj to a fate and angrily rejects material benefits offered by the father - is felt that its favourite thinker Gandi for it to a certain extent a role model. Probably, if Gandi in 2001 lived in New York, it too, vvjazavshis in street fight from the aggravated sense of justice, would get to police and (Chris Cooper) has painfully received on a muzzle from the capricious policeman. Other question, would began Gandi to sweep from any paradoxical reasons, and also on an instigation pridurochnogo the best friend (Tejt Ellington) to glue a daughter police (Emili de Ravin, resembling Kirsten Danst), at which too uneasy relations with the father: it seems to it that it is guilty in  destruction of her mother killed ten years ago on daughter`s eyes. Vindictive intentions are quickly replaced by the big pure feeling, and the romantic line is accompanied by cheerful fuss with fervent douches under a shower in clothes and love vyvalivaniem pans of macaroni on a head. Sweet sketches authors drive, probably, to that it is necessary to hurry up to live and feel - especially clearly the daughter of the policeman who at restaurant always devours at once a dessert understands it vitalnaja, being afraid that will die behind the basic dish and remains without the main pleasure. It, at least, the original line depicting character of the heroine, Robert Pattinsona`s hero is combined mainly from romantic stamps, and itself looks as a walking cliche, and even grazes and bruises on it belomramornom the person recover it a little. Probably, if someone in Hollywood decides to picturize “ the Hero of our time “ that, having read in transfer lermontovskoe Petchorin`s description, for certain there and then would call Robert Pattinsonu with its these horrible eyes which not that that do not laugh when the actor tries to represent fun, and in general look as though cut out of magazine Men ` s Health and pasted on upper eyelids. In the specific sort it too bewitches, however it is pleasant that the old actor`s guards are still capable to clean young growth one mimic movement: in the ending “ Remember me “ When occurs on September, 11th to all its sad consequences, the Pier Brosnan manages as though at parting with victims of act of terrorism to writhe such desperate tragical grimace by what it did not do even in a comedy “ Mars attacks! “. To remember after that actor`s masterpiece inactive, statuarnoe Robert Pattinsona`s person difficultly enough though it nothing the expressing languishing look with sticky povolokoj for some minutes still hangs in memory, as a smile of the Cheshire cat.