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SKP has interceded for beaten by employees of GAI of Chelyabinsk of the driver

the Consequence confirms that beaten by employees of traffic police of Chelyabinsk the driver carried the wife to its attending physician in hospital with a postnatal bleeding.
we have data that the driver that day went to medical institution to the attending physician of the wife, - on March, 18th has declared RIA News the head of investigatory department SKP of the Russian Federation across Chelyabinsk Stepan Shulga. - in actions of employees of traffic police - obvious excess of powers from - for uses of handcuffs and spetssredstv, the consequence on the given case proceeds .

According to the investigation, in the morning on March, 11th, 2010 the inhabitant of the Central area of Chelyabinsk on the car carried the wife with a postnatal bleeding in city hospital 6, but has been stopped by two employees of traffic police for infringement of traffic regulations. The man has transferred to police officers documents, has explained that should go urgently to hospital, and has left. But employees of traffic police have caught up with it at hospital, have pulled out from the car, have dressed handcuffs, and one of them has some times struck hands and a bludgeon on a body, then the victim delivered in militia department 2. The spouse had to reach medical institution independently.