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The court of Kazan has satisfied the claim of the widow of the man who have lost in police station

on March, 18th on a site of the remedial centre of Kazan the document in which it is said has been published that the Vahitovsky district court of Kazan has satisfied the claim of Rezidy Aitovoj about indemnification payment in connection with destruction of her husband in police station. The respondent on business — the Ministry of Finance of Russia — the Judge of the Kazan court Edward Kaminsky as informs a human rights organisation site should pay to the widow of 100 thousand rbl.
, has obliged the Ministry of Finance of Russia to pay to Rezide Aitovoj of 100 thousand rbl. on account of indemnification of moral harm. Representatives of the respondent in the name of employees of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan have in turn expressed opinion that the claim of Rezidy Aitovoj is unreasonable as guilty are not established.

the head of the Kazan remedial centre Igor Sholokhov has noticed that it already the second similar decision tatarstanskih judges in organisation practice. Earlier we have achieved payment of indemnification at a rate of 250 thousand rbl. to the widow of the victim in Tukaevsky ROVD Tatarstan - also in the absence of a verdict of guilty concerning workers of militia - he has specified.

we will remind, Vakilja Aitova have found dead in the chamber for administratively detained Alkeevsky ROVD Tatarstan in August, 2005. Then upon incident criminal case on ch has been brought. 3 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (excess of powers of office with violence application). In 2006 the Office of Public Prosecutor has refused to confirm the bill of particulars concerning the major Alkeevsky ROVD. After this consequence in connection with neustanovleniem the person who have committed a crime it has been suspended. Before business some times stopped and renewed.