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the Owner Mashdvora the general director of autoholding " promises to pay off debts to clients

Today; the Machine court yard Rinat Galiev has declared that a priority of again created legal bodies which now carry out work on a place of car centres Mashdvora performance of obligations to clients of autoholding is. We will remind, as already wrote now under a brand the Machine court yard in Perm new legal persons - Open Company " work; White park - Perm and Open Company White park - Perm - 2 which general director is Rinat Galiev. They are not dependent on autoholding Mashdvor which many divisions have saved up mullions-strong debts and now are in bankruptcy procedure. Thus in Perm there were some tens clients to which the company should or money for earlier paid cars, or PTS. Having judgements, people thus cannot return the means. The group of people already addressed in law enforcement bodies, demanding to involve an autoholding management in a criminal liability, but the militia has not found out crime structure in actions a top - management Mashdvora . Rinat Galiev has confirmed that the new enterprises under the legal form have no relation to a group of companies the Machine court yard and legally do not bear any obligations to its clients . But thus he has informed that Mashdvor does not refuse to pay off with clients. As he said, in 2009 Mashdvor has transferred originals PTS to 170 clients, and as indemnification for long expectation White park - Perm and White park - Perm - 2 spend now free servicing. Rinat Galiev also assures that if within the limits of bankruptcy the Meridian - 1 And the Meridian - 2 (the basic divisions of autoholding), will be paid off to clients not all debts they will be translated on new legal persons. both before introduction of external supervision, and during it, between legal persons of a group of companies Mashdvor and by new legal bodies it has not been carried out any transaction on so-called to conclusions of actives - has declared Rinat Galiev.