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About an exit in social media: the purposes, problems and ROI

18/ 03/ 2010

Hello! My name is Edward Pogorsky, I am engaged in company NETBYNET advancement in social media. Our acquaintance to new tools of advancement has begun with creation of profiles of the company in such a web giants of a Runet, as Livejournal and Vkontakte, and also their younger brothers - Twitter and Facebook. In them we were engaged in monitoring of mentions and reaction to them that basically and our competitors do.

I watched closely a course of experiment and have had time to draw for myself some conclusions which have helped me to answer 3 treasured questions as much as possible accurately.

so what aim before itself we we put: NETBYNET positions itself, as the company with a human face ready actively to communicate with subscribers and quickly to eliminate any arisen problems. To it we will correspond, that is as a main objective we set - change of perception of a brand towards the young, dynamical company close to the subscribers and ready operatively to come to the rescue.

to Achieve an object in view it is planned at the expense of placing in communities of the information on planned and current technical works in a network, answers to the most often asked questions arriving in Call - the centre, and also we plan to start a series of entertaining rollers.

besides we are ready to offer the subscribers, as experiment, to receive operative those. Support through Tvitter, Vkontakte and ZHZH. That is, for example, the user will mean that in case of occurrence of problems, it is possible to write in tvitter NETBYNET and to receive an efficient answer on a solution of a problem. Though it is possible that at the user and need it will not do, but the sensation of qualitative work of technical support at it remains.

As you will measure the successes? - You ask. I will answer, we will measure efficiency of the actions by carrying out of a series of polls of our subscribers (including potential) about the relation to quality of additional services and perception of a brand.