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Open Company TD Attica informs on sale by the public offer of the rights of the requirement Open Company WHOLESALE of Ekoservis , jur. The address: Krasnodar, street of 40 years of the Victory, 39, to two debtors.

a sale subject: the Prize 1 - Smertkinoj N.B.`s Debt receivable at a rate of 6928299 (six millions nine hundred twenty eight thousand two hundred ninety nine) roubles of 92 copecks, market cost it agree estimations 5982987 (five millions nine hundred eighty two thousand nine hundred eighty seven) roubles of 84 copecks; Open Company Start - 98 at a rate of 25560720 (twenty five millions five hundred sixty thousand seven hundred twenty) roubles of 44 copecks, market cost it agree estimations 22 073 161 (twenty two million seventy three thousand hundred sixty one) rouble of 00 copecks before Open Company WHOLESALE of Ekoservis . Market cost - 28 056 148,84 rbl.

Documents for participation: The demand of the established sample, the offer at the price of property purchase. The power of attorney on the person, having the right to operate on behalf of the applicant. For FL - a passport copy, svid - in about INN assignment, for persons in marriage - the consent of the spouse (hectare) to participation in the auctions and property acquisition (notar. zaver.); the Inquiry on incomes. For JUL - copies of constituent documents, about gos. Registration and statements on the tax account (notar. zaver.) ; Requisites r/ with; Buh. Balance on last the report date with mark IFNS (zaver. The applicant); the Decision on appointment of the head; Decisions of controls on participations in the auctions; the inquiry the tax. Body about absence of debts against the budget; data that concerning the applicant bankruptcy procedure is not entered; the inquiry from bank that claims from tax and other bodies to r/ with are not exposed; the Extract from EGRJUL (term no more than 30 days). Summarizing within 10 days from a demands acceptance expiry date. The purchase and sale contract will be concluded with the person who has offered within month from the date of the publication a ceiling price, within 10 days from the date of summarising. Payment under the purchase and sale contract - within 15 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. To familiarise with position about an order of sale, etc. documents, property, submit demands you can within 30 days from the moment of a publication exit in the newspaper with 10. 00 to 16. 00 in the working days to the address: Krasnodar, street Atarbekova, 5/ 1, of. 10, t. (861 226 - 48 - 42.