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the Competitive managing director Joint-Stock Company Olymsky sugar factory declares sale to means of the auction auctions of a part of the equipment of sugar factory of pledge being a subject. a prize 1 - movable mortgaging property (a part of the equipment of sugar factory), located to the address: 306716, Kursk area, Kastorensky area, the item Olymsky, street of 20 Years of the Victory, 1. The initial price of sale 12890541 rbl. (in t. ch. The VAT). The auctions will take place 20. 04. 2010 at 11:00 to the address: Kursk, Peace journey, 9, sq. 18. A step of auction of 500 000 roubles. The size of the deposit of 10 % from the initial price of sale. The deposit is listed on the settlement account 40702810801600000332 in dop. Office Kursk branch of Open Society Kurskprombank BIK 043807708, to/ with 30101810800000000708, the addressee of payment - Joint-Stock Company Olymsky sugar factory The INN 4608004091, a check point 460801001, in detail to familiarise with property structure, Position about the auctions, technical characteristics, it is possible to the address: Kursk, Peace journey, 9, sq. 18, survey in the location. Application forms for participation in the auctions are accepted in the working days from 10-00 till on a venue of the auctions from the date of the publication on 16. 04. 2010 inclusive. To participation in the auctions the persons who in due time made an application and have presented properly made papers in conformity by more low resulted list, confirmed deposit entering when due hereunder are supposed.

to be applied on the demand following documents: 1) Documents (originals and certified copies), confirming entering by the Applicant of the established sum of the deposit on account of maintenance of payment of property got at the auctions. 2) notarially certified copies: Constituent documents (with changes and additions if those were), certificates on the state registration of the legal person (for businessmen EGRIP), certificates on statement on the tax account, certificates on assignment of basic state registration number, the document confirming statement of the Applicant on the account in bodies statisticans. 3) documents (originals and certified copies), confirming appointment to the post of the persons, having the right to operate on behalf of the Applicant without the power of attorney (for IP - the passport). 4) the Decision (original) of corresponding controls of the Applicant, resolving acquisition of Property if it is necessary according to constituent documents of the Applicant and the legislation of the Russian Federation. 5) the power of attorney confirming the rights of the representative of the Applicant on signing of the contract on the deposit, deposit entering, on application and for participation in the auctions. 6) the Document (the original and notarially the certified copy), proving the identity of the representative of the Applicant making an application and participating in the auctions. 7) the balance sheet of the Applicant (the form 1 and 2) for last accounting date (the copy assured of tax department). 8) the Original of an extract from EGRJUL (EGRIP). 9) the Inventory of given documents.

the winner of the auctions the participant who has offered for the Prize the greatest price admits. Summarising of the auctions - 20. 04. 2010 in 12 ch. 00 minutes in a venue. The contract with the winner of the auctions consists within 10 days from the moment of signing of the report on results of the auctions. Full payment of property within 30 days from the date of contract signing.