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Open Company AuktsionEkspert on the instructions of the competitive managing director SHPK New Savinsky informs on tendering in the form of open auction on sale of property SHPK New Savinsky

the PRIZE 1 . Real estate - 12 pieces; the Personal estate - 4 pieces .

the Initial price from the VAT (rbl.)/ the Step (rbl.) - 480 000,00/ 24 000,00.

Auction will take place on April, 27th, 2010 in 14. 00 hours to the address: Kursk, street Radishcheva, 117, a clod. 34. To participation in auction are supposed physical and the legal bodies recognised according to the legislation of the Russian Federation by buyers, submitted established by the organizer of the auctions of the form the demands which presented for participation in auction necessary documents and have brought the deposit at a rate of 20 % from initial cost of a prize. Requisites for deposit transfer: SHPK New Savinsky : r/ with 40702810532120000027 in Open Society Rosselhozbank TO 3349/ 32/ 12 Kursk Russian Federations of Open Society Rosselhozbank the item of Cheremisinovo, to/ with 30101810700000000798, BIK 043807798, an INN 462700102, a check point 462701001.

to Familiarize with auction conditions, the list of property and necessary documents and as to make an application on participation in auction it is possible in the working days from the moment of the publication till 16 o`clock on April, 24th, 2010 to the tendering address, contact phone (4712) - 393 - 408. The winner the buyer who has offered the highest price is considered. By results of auction the winner signs the total report. An imprisonment term of the contract of purchase and sale - 10 days from the date of summarising of the auctions. Payment term - 30 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale.