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Pacific reindeer breeders not so silent

Round summit ATES which should pass in 2012 in Vladivostok, the next scandal inflames. In arbitration court of Primorski Territory trial under the claim of reindeer breeders from ohothozjajstva " has begun; Gamovsky which challenge withdrawal from them the earths under building to the summit of the state residence Russian Federation. Claimants revolts that the authorities have not offered them indemnification for 1,14 thousand in hectare of pastures belonging to them on peninsula Gamova which they estimate in $40 million Similar claim of reindeer breeders to upravdelami the president of the Russian Federation (the state customer of building) will consider arbitration court of Moscow.
the claim is submitted to arbitration court of Primorski Territory by Open Company Reindeer-breeding ohothozjajstvo Gamovsky to Hasansky municipality. Ohothozjajstvo challenges the decision of administration of Hasansky area of Primorski Krai, soglasujushchee building on the earth withdrawn from reindeer breeders. It is a question of 1,14 thousand Hectare on peninsula Gamova where to summit ATES in 2012 there should be a state residence Russian Federation (the area of constructions - 26,5 thousand sq.). Building has been regulated by the governmental order from November, 2009. In January, 2010 upravdelami the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kozhin has disposed to withdraw in three-monthly term the earths for the state needs . Reindeer breeders actions as upravdelami have revolted the president, and local administration, however claims Gamovsky to the federal authorities the local court did not begin to consider, having sent ohothozjajstvo to understand with upravdelami the president in arbitration court of Moscow.

in court reindeer breeders pressed that the decision of local authorities breaks them the rights and legitimate interests to own, use and dispose the earth. The representative Gamovsky Anna Panchuk has informed that ohothozjajstvo was ready to exchange a pasture, but officials have not offered in exchange neither the earths, nor material indemnification. in the challenged decision in general there is no minimum substantiation of that building can be carried out only on our sites - madam Panchuk was indignant. In administration of Hasansky area of the requirement of reindeer breeders do not recognise, and the position are going to state at following session of court which is planned for April, 22nd. Representative FGU Management on operation of buildings of the supreme bodies of the power Elena Mahno has informed that withdrawal of the earths to the summit is provided by the separate federal law, and as to a choice of a concrete site for residence, it is selected with participation of FSB and disclosure of these data is not supposed by the law on state secret .

However seaside reindeer breeders on brakes to lower business do not intend. In their opinion, actions of Hasansky municipality break both the Ground code of the Russian Federation, and the Constitution, on which the private property right is protected by the law . However, it is necessary to notice that it not a simple reindeer-breeding economy. Gamovsky Joint-Stock Company " is supervised; Alexander Haus which board of directors is headed by the son eks - banker Alexander Smolensky Nikolay Smolensky. Except reindeer breeders Nikolay Smolensky supervises, in particular, the British manufacturer of sports cars TVR. As to the withdrawn sites, in Gamovsky them estimate in $40 million

However, a press - the secretary upravdelami Victor Hrekov has assured the president of the Russian Federation that the final decision about building of the state residence Russian Federation on a site Gamovsky it is yet accepted . This question is studied and will dare, when all questions with zemleotvodom will be solved, - mister Hrekov has explained. - As to most zemleotvoda, indemnifications, disputes, it is possible to build there or it is impossible, - that it not our questions, it is solved by local authorities .

we Will remind, it not the first scandal round preparation for summit ATES - 2012. In 2008 in Vladivostok building of automobile bridges through bays the Gold Horn and Patrokl to cape New Silevsky Russian on island has begun. As Far East plenipotentiary Oleg Safonov of that time declared, the building estimate repeatedly changed, unreasonably being overestimated . In particular, in 2008 mister Safonov said that bridge cost through the Gold Horn from the moment of the statement of the program of preparation for the summit has increased with 13 mlrd rbl. to 31 mlrd rbl. However, the total estimate by this construction has decreased to 19,8 mlrd rbl. However three-kilometre vantovyj the bridge on island Russian where lives an order of 5 thousand persons, will manage to the budget of the Russian Federation where more expensively - in 34 mlrd rbl.