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Russia and the USA place disarmament in Czechia

the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev yesterday has arrived from Bratislava to Prague where today he together with the American colleague Barack Obama will sign the contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (SNV). As the correspondent " has understood from conversations with members of the Russian delegation; VLADIMIR of NIGHTINGALES, in Moscow are happy with the done work, are proud of that as in days of old, as equals agreed with Americans on a problem of nuclear disarmament, and want to hope that henceforth relations from the USA will develop on the accruing.
and the USA Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama in Prague very much waited for presidents of Russia. Moscow and Washington, started to agree about nuclear disarmament in April, 2009, long before the termination of work on the new agreement, have agreed to sign it in the Czech capital. The initiative in this respect proceeded from the USA: The white house explained such choice, in - the first, what here in April, 2009 mister Obama has proclaimed the struggle beginning for general nuclear disarmament. And in - the second, that Czechia should obtain at least moral compensation that it has dropped out of plans of Washington on placing of elements of the American system of antimissile defence (ABM) in Europe.

on ceremony of signing of the contract more thousand journalists have gathered in Prague. All of them will have an opportunity at once to familiarise with the document maintenance. The Kremlin and the White house, by data in advance have agreed synchronously to publish it in Russian and English languages. The Russian side also has suggested to publish at once and all accompanying documents: the weighty report, appendices (in them such procedures as mutual control, inspections, rules zascheta boezarjadov and their carriers), and also every possible memorandums and unilateral statements are written down.

When - that Moscow and Washington have arrived so with expired four months ago Soviet - the American contract SNV - 1 which in 1991 was signed in Moscow by presidents of the USSR and the USA Michael Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan. Whether today there were misters Medvedev and Obama are true gorbachevsko - rejganovskim to principles of nuclear publicity.

the new contract about SNV in Moscow and Washington named historical still before delegations of diplomats under the direction of the head of department the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on safety issues and Anatoly Antonova`s disarmament and zamgossekretarja the USA Rose Getemjuller have sat down at Geneva for long 11 months (work on the text has begun in May). Barack Obama, since the first days of board the proclaimed course on reboot relations with Russia, has suggested to begin it with reduction of nuclear arsenals. And Dmitry Medvedev has willingly agreed with it. Two presidents personally from the beginning and up to the end supervised all process of negotiations. On it is rocket - a nuclear theme they communicated both by phone, and at any possibility to talk confidentially. So was during last year`s visit of mister Obama to Moscow, during a trip of president Medvedev in September on session of General assembly of the United Nations, at November summit ATES in Singapore and, at last, at conference on a climate in Copenhagen.

during these meetings and telephone conversations by time revolutionary offers which, truth, not all have been accepted were stated. For example, as has told on the condition of anonymity one of participants of negotiations, during long and viscous discussion about an exchange of the telemetering data Dmitry Medvedev has offered Barack Obama exchange: Russia represents the USA telemetry on all start-up of the rockets in exchange for the same full information on the American system of the ABM. but Obama has disagreed. Then also we have decided to give to the answer to them not all telemetry, - the interlocutor " speaks; . - Though a variant interesting. After all if to trust, to trust .

Anyhow, but the Russian officials express hope that so dense and as it has appeared, productive dialogue with Americans will affect the further relations with Washington. Not casually during March visit to Russia US State Secretary Hillari Clinton head Sergey Lavrov has proclaimed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation that reboot has taken place though at that point in time over SNV anybody yet did not declare work end. And this week the minister safely has designated new horizons in Russian - the American relations. the agreement marks transition to higher level of interaction of Russia and the USA in disarmament and non-distribution business, and also in questions of strengthening of mutual and global safety - he has declared on Tuesday on a press - conferences in Moscow.

Thus mister Lavrov has not refused to itself pleasure some times to repeat that in the new agreement from the USA is provided full paritetnost . For Moscow it is the important psychological nuance reminding of former power of the USSR which as equals talked to Washington. there was a check of relations. First many thought that negotiations will be decorative, but it has not occurred, - the head of the Moscow centre Carnegie Dmitry Trenin speaks. - Americans have found out that Russian have a agenda in the field of SNV .

Now both in the Kremlin, and in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs underline that the contract creates possibilities for the further development of bilateral partnership as Sergey Lavrov was expressed. It, consider in Moscow, should extend and on not military spheres. From a stage of confrontation we have passed, as we hope, to joint, let at times to a hard work, - adds a source in administration of the Russian leader. - we are happy with this contract. Though some pseudo-analysts also are revolted by it. To what we are pushed with those who specifies, what we, say, have lost, having concluded this contract with Americans and having decided to disarm? What choice at us? Again to exhaust the country with infinite race of arms? Or to write off features of national character on intrigues of the enemy? So it is not necessary .

Experts believe that Russian - the American nuclear arrangements will pull behind themselves outcomes and on other questions. I Hope that already till the end of the year there will be motions of cancellation of the amendment of Jackson - Venika and in negotiating process about Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization, - the director of Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Rogov speaks. - Besides, ratification of this contract will mean defeat of hawks, supporters of confrontation in our relations. To be at war after all actually it would not be desirable anybody. All would like to master budgets .