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In the Russian Railway have received the accelerated message

Prime minister Vladimir Putin has set for a management of Open Society of the Russian Railway a problem to develop in Siberia high-speed railway communication between big cities. In the Russian Railway count that the first such train which is accelerating momentum to 160 km/ ch, can appear on a line Novosibirsk - Omsk. Experts estimate investments into the project in 30 mlrd rbl. In the meantime railwaymen are compelled to refuse operating electric trains between large Siberian cities. In the beginning of March of the Russian Railway have cancelled as the unprofitable two accelerated electric trains: Novosibirsk - Tomsk and Novosibirsk - Barnaul.
to develop high-speed railway traffic in Siberia the prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared necessity past Friday in Novosibirsk at inter-regional conference of party an United Russia . The Head of the government has informed that discussed this question with the head of Open Society of the Russian Railway Vladimir Yakunin. I have already formulated before it a problem to think of that not only in the European part, but also in Siberia to develop high-speed railway communication. It quite probably also is very claimed in Siberia - the party leader has underlined. In its opinion, for development of high-speed movement such big cities, as Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk, distances between which " approach; are estimated in hundreds kilometres (Omsk - Novosibirsk - 600 km; Krasnoyarsk - Novosibirsk - 760 km). The prime minister has explained that in the near future the Russian Railway will be presented to the government by corresponding offers. Thus he recognised that such projects it is enough zatratny - as a whole approximately 30 mlrd rbl. But it is quite possible to begin here - Vladimir Putin has told.

now in Russia there is only one high-speed railway line - between Moscow and St.-Petersburg where with a speed of 250 km/ ch the train " plies; Sapsan . Strategy of development of a railway transportation in the Russian Federation till 2030 high-speed movement is provided between Novosibirsk and Omsk. In March of this year the vice-president of the Russian Railway Valentine Gapanovich has declared that on this route probably to increase speed of a train to 160 km/ ch .

In the Siberian federal district (SFO) there is a similarity of high-speed railway communication. So, Novosibirsk Open Society the Express train - suburb (51 % of actions belongs to the Russian Railway, 49 % - administrations of the Novosibirsk region and the mayoralty of Novosibirsk) in 2005 have started some the accelerated electric trains: Novosibirsk - Tomsk (distance of 280 km), Novosibirsk - Barnaul (about 250 km) and Novosibirsk - Omsk. Speed of electric trains on separate sites reached 120 km/ ch, in Russia high-speed it is considered movement over 140 km/ ch. However from the beginning of March, 2010 of an electric train to Tomsk and Barnaul have been cancelled as unprofitable. By data The express train - suburb company losses in these directions in 2009 have made about 16 million rbl., the volume of passenger traffic has decreased on 20 - 30 %.

Cancellation of electric trains has caused negative reaction in regions. The governor of the Tomsk region Victor Kress has demanded from subordinated to make all for restoration of high-speed movement. However, as have informed yesterday in a press - regional administration service, while any measures it is not accepted . The deputy chief of management on transport, a road economy and communication of administration of Altay territory Dmitry Korovin has exclaimed surprise by that such train has appeared unprofitable, after all it competed on fare in 500 rbl. to motor transport. Russian Railway reform meant decrease in tariffs for journey. It has in practice appeared differently - mister Korovin has noticed. According to the general director of Open Society the Express train - suburb Sergey Lobanova to restore the accelerated trains it is possible, only having compensated expenses for these transportations. However, the head of the company, " has underlined; the condition of regional budgets does not allow to do it . At the same time mister Lobanov has assumed what to solve this problem in the near future predstoitja to recently created Open Society the Federal passenger company .

the Leading expert of a management company finam Management Dmitry Baranov considers that the high-speed message between cities of Ural Mountains and Siberia can become popular . the Only stipulation - the project should develop taking into account experience Sapsana both negative, and positive. It is necessary to build at once a separate way, to use the best materials and the equipment, not to deprive of citizens of usual electric trains, to build bridges, outcomes and other infrastructural objects - it has explained. According to an analyst, the sum of investments in 30 mlrd the rbl. can be only initial investment, and in the course of building it will be increased. naturally, it will be necessary to aspire to a recoupment - mister Baranov has noticed thus.