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Metallurgists will take off for Tuva

Rosnedra plan to sell three major fields of Ulug - Hemsky pool in Tuva with stocks 1,7 mlrd t coked coal. The state wants to create there the coal-mining complex largest in the country operators in which will be some the private companies. But the railway infrastructure can become restriction for project realisation.
that the state is going to sell a number of coal deposits in Tuva, prime minister Vladimir Putin has declared on Friday. On competition it is planned to expose three large coal deposits of Ulug - Hemsky pool, has told a source in metallurgical branch. In Rosnedrah it have confirmed, but detailed comments have refused. According to a source , it is a question of the Western, Central and East deposit with the general stocks nearby 1,65 mlrd t coked coal of mark of Z.Eto it is comparable to the Elginsky deposit largest in Russia with stocks 2 mlrd t (belongs to a Mechel ).

Ulug - Hemsky pool - one of the world`s largest on coal stocks (look-ahead resources - 20 mlrd t coal, 13,7 mlrd t from which coked). To the Russian metallurgists it is known for history of sale of the Interegejsky deposit with 213,5 million stocks t. In 2008 the licence for a site has caused an excessive demand and has been sold Evraz Group for 16,9 mlrd rbl., but then the company has refused the licence. In 2010 Interegejsky it was repeatedly exposed on competition, and this time in struggle with Severstal Evraz has again obtained the licence, but only for 950 million rbl. Severstal however, has not lost interest to the Tuva coal and can take part in competition on one of new deposits, have declared in the company. On Friday the general director Severstal Alexey Mordashov represented the concept of development of Ulug - Hemsky pool at an exhibition of projects in Novosibirsk where there was prime minister Vladimir Putin.

the Concept of development of pool is discussed since 2007 then designing of the railway Kyzyl - Kuragino (418 km) without whom working out of deposits is impossible has begun. To construct a branch owe the companies which have obtained the licences, having united in a consortium, Vladimir Putin has declared on Friday. As a whole in the project it is planned to enclose more than 130 mlrd rbl., including 49 mlrd rbl. from investment fund. Then the road should be transferred in control of Open Society of the Russian Railway.

while licences for the Tuva deposits are given out only Evraz and Incorporated industrial corporation (OPK). Last conducts working out of the Elegestsky deposit with 895 million stocks t. In 2007 the investment fund has signed with the company the agreement about sofinansirovanii road Kyzyl buildings - Kuragino. With the advent of new operators in Ulug - Hemsky pool the agreement will be corrected, tells a source in branch. President Evraz Alexander Frolov said that the companies, probably, it is necessary to finance a part of building of a site.

according to Olga Mitrofanovoj from IFD Kapital the pool can interest not provided with own coal New Lipetsk metkombinat and Magnitogorsk metkombinat (it is provided on 50 %). Denis Nushtaev from Metropolja considers that the project from - for affinity to China will be interesting first of all to exporters, for example Kuzbassrazrezuglju and to a Mechel .

However the project can have infrastructural restrictions. Under the road Kyzyl project - Kuragino its throughput is calculated on 22,5 million transportation t a coal concentrate in a year. This volume on all will not suffice, are afraid in OPK. After all capacity of a complex only on Elegeste should make 15 million t, 8,4 million more t a concentrate promises to make on Interegejsky Evraz by 2016. To increase throughput are expensive it is impossible from - for the extremely difficult mountain relief of republic, consider in OPK. But a source in corporation the Transsystem it is assured that the problem is solved - for example, by straightening of a route at the expense of increase in number of tunnels or at the expense of building of the second ways, and it is a question of money . The road project should be confirmed only by the end of the year, time to make changes is, tells a source in branch.

one more problem - congestion of the main railway system which the branch will adjoin. The given site of the Trans-Siberian Railway already is used on 90 % at the specification of 85 %, mark in OPK. About same Alexey Mordashov Vladimir Putin spoke on Friday. To increase throughput, full reconstruction of a site of the Trans-Siberian Railway by extent almost 1 thousand in km is necessary, tells a source familiar with a situation . According to the general director of research agency Infranews Alexey Bezborodov, capital repairs of 1 thousand in km of ways on the Trans-Siberian Railway will cost nearby 8,8 mlrd rbl. Besides, the expert adds, building of several new switchyards is required, cost of each of which makes nearby 1,2 mlrd rbl.