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an United Russia has expressed subject opinion

Yesterday candidates for chapters of Lipetsk and Penza areas, and also Republics North Ossetia, which party " became known; an United Russia will submit for consideration to president Dmitry Medvedev. In each of lists there are surnames of operating governors, however chances to keep the post at them are not equal.
in the Osset list of the party in power in competitors the party in power has offered the operating head of republic Tajmurazu Mamsurovu the vice-commander the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation of Sergey Menjajlo and rector Severo - Oleg Hatsaeva`s Osset state university. On the Penza head an United Russia has submitted for consideration to the president of a nominee of present governor Vasily Botchkarev, the head of the regional government of Olga Atjukovoj and vitse - the speaker of the Penza Legislative Assembly Vadim Supikova. In the Lipetsk list, besides operating head Oleg Koroleva, its first deputy Yury Bozhko and the deputy of the State Duma, zamrukovoditelja the central executive committee of the party in power Valery Galchenko is included.

Tajmuraz Mamsurov, judging by a spirit of its environment, already prepares for the third term. A source close to the government of the North Ossetia, has hinted that the decision on the second term of mister Mamsurova was accepted in the end of the last year, and after its meeting with Dmitry Medvedev right after appointments as the plenipotentiary in Severo - Alexander Hloponina`s Caucasian federal district any doubts in the one who will head republic the next five years, have disappeared: Oleg Hatsaev - one of the most active members of team of Mamsurova, and, despite its presidential ambitions, this time chances at it will not be . Sergey Menjajlo`s nominee, for the assumption of the interlocutor has appeared in quality national balance : Certainly, this person in Ossetia well know, it from here comes, but its chances to occupy an armchair of the head of republic are improbable, it is usual for national regions a Russian figure more likely to show to the centre the loyalty .

we Will remind, at appointment of Tajmuraza Mamsurova to a post of the head of republic in 2005 at the government house has passed three-day picket of Beslan mothers. then we considered that any who was in a staff on clearing of hostages in 2004, has no moral right to hold a post of the head of Ossetia - has told the leader of public organisation the Voice of Beslan Ella Kesaeva. However now the position of victims has changed. in Beslan see that Mamsurov does all from it depending to help us - madam Kesaeva has noticed.

In the Penza branch an United Russia yesterday did not make comments on a choice of applicants. The secretary obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexey Bulin believes that the president will stop on Vasily Botchkarev`s nominee, considering it personal relations with a management . I am not satisfied by nominees, - he admitted. - at Vasily Botchkarev of a problem with health, and it will be difficult to it to operate region. Olga Atjukova and Vadim Supikov do not possess necessary experience to hold a post of the governor .

As to the Lipetsk governor United Russia party members agree in opinion that the post will be kept by Oleg Korolev. the reason is simple - regional economy pljusuet on all key indicators - has told zamrukovoditelja fractions an United Russia in the State Duma Valery Rjazansky. In opinion vitse - the mayor of Lipetsk and zamsekretarja regional branch of party of Ivan Koshelev, The Lipetsk region at the Queen dynamically develops, local elite works for its blessing, no visible reasons for change of the power are present . Yury Bozhko who enters into a personnel reserve of the president, mister Koshelev named strong, but Valery Galchenko`s promotion " is faster the reserve candidate, and; it is important as moral stimulus for the person who has perfectly spent for party of last two uniform days of voting " more likely;. Mister Galchenko from comments before occurrence of the decision of the president has refused. Oleg Korolev has informed that does not build any forecasts : I completely trust the president. If he tells that I should leave, I will leave, if the return tells - I will remain . According to political scientist Vladimir Slatinova, mister Bozhko has the greatest chances: Queens works three governor`s terms, and Dmitry Medvedev said that it is enough of it. But the area is included into number in the lead, therefore to risk, appointing the Varangian even such authoritative and skilled as Galchenko, would be illogical .

Till May, 12th United Russia party members will present also the list of applicants for a post of the head of the Orenburg region. As has informed a source in party branch, on consideration to the president nominees of operating governor Alexey Tchernyshov, the head of the regional government Sergey Grachev and the speaker of Legislative Assembly Dmitry Kulagin will be brought.