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Medicines become cheaper only manually

Yesterday at session of presidium of the government of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin has listened to reports of heads of four regions which have admitted a rise in prices for medicines, exceeding the levels established by the government. Governors have shown that for last ten days it managed to achieve the medicinal deflation. The white house insists that an event - a problem bad administration but the head of Ministry of Health Tatyana Golikova has already warned that infringement of new rules of state price control on farmrynke in 2010 can become a criminal offence.
at session of presidium of the government prime minister Vladimir Putin has heard reports of four governors on measures on struggle against a rise in prices for vital and major medical products (ZHNVLS). For this report on April, 9th at conference an United Russia The prime minister has caused in the White house of heads of Moscow Region Boris Gromova, Stavropol Territory Boris Gaevsky, Evgenie Redina`s Chelyabinsk area and Jewish Alexander Vinnikova`s joint-stock company. Vladimir Putin`s claim to invited that, despite state regulation introduction, the prices for separate preparations on - former exceed as much as possible admissible on 17 - 50 % .

State price control to preparations from list ZHNVLS operates since April, 1st. Into list ZHNVLS enter 500 international nepatentovannyh names that makes 2 thousand trading names, or more than 5,7 thousand medicinal forms. On a site of Ministry of Health in section Calculation of the prices for medicines it is possible to learn the maximum cost price in a drugstore on all regions Russian Federations.

at government meeting on April, 1st the prime minister - the minister already threatened: If in any regions it will not be possible to cope with deduction of the prices in the set parametres, it will be an appreciable black label for such heads . Then the head of Ministry of Health Tatyana Golikova has declared that regions by April, 10th should deliver the report on placing on the Internet and drugstores of rules of formation of the price and directly prices.

yesterday from four governors only two - Boris Gromov and Alexander Vinnikov - have admitted the facts of infringements, however have there and then reported in correction of errors in realisation of a new state policy. Boris Gromov reported about a medicinal deflation observed in region in January - February, 2010 on 3 % and sure gain reception by the regional budget from gathering of penalties from the guilty druggists - 10 million rbl. Boris Gaevsky and Evgenie Redin of actual infringements did not recognise, recognising only errors of heads of drugstores in reporting filling to which Vladimir Putin referred, but also have informed on the general reduction of prices on medicines. Boris Gaevsky has reported on decrease in the trading extra charge on medicines twice - with 35 to 16 % from February till April, 2010. And only Evgenie Redin has explained that a situation with medicines in area stable, complaints from the population does not arrive, the chemist`s network works in a usual mode . Grateful indications and justifications of governors has assured vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov. He has informed the government that from the moment of carrying out of the first check which was 1 - on April, 3rd, and checks which were 8 - on April, 10th, the situation has essentially changed in many subjects of the Russian Federation . As a result orgvyvodov to the invited governors yesterday has not followed.

however, and on medicines Vladimir Putin also has not believed in real reduction of prices. Finishing discussion of this question, premieres - the minister insisted that in Moscow Region limiting retail price for one of medical products exceeded established on 851 % - truth, the preparation remained not named, besides ninefold excess is noted only by data for April, 1st, since that moment has passed two weeks, and much could change.

demonstration of was the primary goal of premieres - the minister, obviously, that problems with realisation of new principles of state price control to medicines is not defects of system, and insufficient quickness or evil intention of executors. The government insists that the scheme of restriction of the prices for medicines ZHNVLS is absolutely efficient, but is thus ready to include in the mechanism noneconomic levers. So, the Minister of Health Tatyana Golikova has declared yesterday forthcoming entering through deputies of the State Duma in parliament of the bill toughening responsibility To all participants working in the pharmaceutical market, without dependence from that, retail it is sale or manufacture with administrative to the criminal. Meanwhile while there is no authentic statistics how the new scheme of state regulation influences a market infrastructure, it will be possible to judge it under the financial reporting roznitsy and to the statistican of assortment in a chemist`s network, possibly, only by the end of 2010.