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Are condemned for 25 years of Dubai

Criminal court of Dubai yesterday the sentence accused of partnership in murder eks - the commander spetsbatalona " has pronounced; the East the Hero of Russia Sulima Jamadaeva. To the former groom of the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzana Kadyrov to Iranian Mahdi Lornii and the citizen of Tajikistan Maksudzhonu Ismatovu have appointed a life imprisonment which on dubajskim to laws makes 25 years of prison. The legal investigation concerning alleged murderers of mister Jamadaeva and the customer of a crime is suspended, as they are in Russia.
sentence announcement on a sensational case has passed enough budnichno. Within several seconds judge Hamad Abdul Latif Dzhavad has informed that, having considered case N 4480 about murder of Sulima Jamadaeva on March, 28th, 2009, he recognised as Mahdi Lorniju guilty of this crime and Maksudzhona Ismatova. It has sentenced both to a life imprisonment (under the legislation of Dubai it is 25 years) and the subsequent deportation from the country. After that the judge has there and then passed to consideration of following business. Vessels present at a hall journalists expected to see misters of Lorniju and Ismatova, but the dock was empty. As officials of the court have explained, accused have simply exercised the right and have refused to be present at last session.

however, and during the previous hearings they did not differ special activity. Dressed in snow-white shirts to toe - local analogue of a prison uniform - they were only silent observers on process, never having uttered words. All indications on which process was under construction, they have given even prior to the beginning of trial, and policemen and inspectors then retold their words and stated the conclusions. These stories differed a complexity and inconsistency that threatened to disorganise all business. So, for example, representatives of law enforcement bodies could not remember at all, what colour there was a pistol from which have killed mister Jamadaeva. One of them asserted that the weapon was black, another named its silver. Eventually, in general it was found out that the pistol was gold.

taking into account doubtfulness of available proofs and that defendants have flatly refused to recognise the fault, many expected that the sentence will be as much as possible soft. However dubajskoe justice has decided to show adherence to principles. In reply to it lawyers accused already have declared that, probably, will appeal against against a judgement. we have 15 days on appealing. The decision on it will be accepted after acquaintance with the sentence text, and it we, I hope, we will make in a week - the defender of mister Lornii Obejd Ali Obejd has declared. As he said, on appeal consideration, probably, some sessions of court, but also it yet the end is required. business can be directed to the Supreme court of Dubai - mister Obejd considers.

At the same time it has evaded from open confrontation with court and right after sentence announcement did not begin to rest, in particular, that misters Lornija and Ismatov were exposed to pressure at evidence. protection respects opinion of court, and all questions on legitimacy of actions of police can be lifted by consideration of the appeal and further in the Supreme court - the lawyer has diplomatically specified.

that pressure was put upon misters of Lorniju and Ismatova during interrogations, they have told to lawyers even prior to the beginning of hearings on August, 31st, 2009 when it had been brought accusation. At last session on March, 18th lawyers have paid attention of the judge to these statements of the accused.

that a sentence dubajskogo the criminal court does not become a point in business about attempt at mister Jamadaeva, other local lawyers agree also. As they said, too many remains not clear - for all process in court and it has not been given neither the murder tool, nor other proofs, and all was under construction on indirect demonstrations: indications accused and the policemen participating in investigation.

the last have established that Mahdi Lornija participated in murder preparation, including stored a pistol from which we Promise Jamadaev has been shot on March, 28th, 2009 on an automobile parking dubajskogo housing estate Jumeirah Beach Residence. Maksudzhon Ismatov, in turn, collected the information for the killer, and then has helped to leave the United Arab Emirates to four suspects performed by a crime to Chechens.

thus the question on the customer of a crime and its other participants remained opened. We will remind that in the international search at the initiative of the authorities of the United Arab Emirates after murder of mister Jamadaeva seven citizens of Russia, including the deputy of the State Duma from the Chechen Republic Adam Delimhanov have been declared. Under the police version, it has transferred to mister Lornii a case with a pistol during the visit as a part of official delegation to the Emirates. During process the name Adam often sounded, names of other suspects were not called, but was mentioned that all of them are outside of the United Arab Emirates. For this reason the Office of Public Prosecutor of Dubai has suspended investigatory actions in their relation.

the Adam Delimhanov earlier naming all suspicions in the address groundless, yesterday was not accessible to comments. In a press - service of the president and the government of the Chechen Republic to discuss proceeding results in Dubai have refused. Brother Sulima Jamadaeva Isa in detail to speak about process also has not wanted. He has only told that it is happy with a process result, itself has not gone on court to Dubai and that his brother remained is live after attempt.

after process the correspondent has visited a cemetery where, under the version of local mass-media, has been buried we Promise Jamadaev. Its prospective tomb remained in former ownerless a kind, as well as last year. Anyway, on a tombstone anybody has not made any inscriptions.