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Tuva has approved a post of the president

the Law reducing to a common denominator quantity of deputies of regional parliaments, for the first time have tested in Tuva. On a Sunday referendum changes in the constitution, assuming replacement of a parliament of two houses on unicameral, reduction of quantity of deputies and introduction of a post of the president of republic have been approved.
in March the State Duma of the Russian Federation has confirmed introduced by the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev the bill unifying number of Legislative Assemblies in regions according to quantity of voters. In particular, if voters less than 500 thousand (in Tuva of 155 thousand voters) in regional parliament should work 15 - 50 deputies.

according to electoral committee of Tuva, the appearance on a referendum has made 83,8 %, for amendments 95,3 % of voters have voted. According to the law taken out on a referendum About modification of the Republic Tyva Constitution The post of the president of Tuva (now the republic is headed by the prime minister - the minister) is entered. Besides, the parliament - a great hural - is renamed in Supreme also becomes unicameral, and the quantity of deputies is reduced to 32 persons nine of which will work on a professional basis. We will remind that now the great hural consists of two chambers: top - the Houses of Representatives (130 deputies), and bottom - legislative (32 deputies on a constant basis). Powers of present parliament expire in October, 2010.

in the Tuva government referendum results consider as a victory of the head of republic Sholbana Kara - oola. the High appearance of voters and quantity supported changes in the constitution speak about serious trust of inhabitants of republic of premieres - to the minister and spent by it socially - economic policy - considers vitse - prime minister Anatoly Damba - Huurak. He is assured that constitution changes will help to solve a problem chronic opposition of executive and legislative branches of the power of republic which lasts with 1990 - h years . We will remind, in December, 2008 deputies of the lower chamber asked the president of the Russian Federation to deprive of powers of the mister the Penalty - oola from - for deterioration socially - an economic situation in republic. Powers of the prime minister come to an end in 2011.

deputies of a great hural on - to a miscellaneous have estimated referendum results. amendments to the constitution of Tuva should eliminate 11 contradictions with the Russian Constitution, and also give to Tuva parliament corresponding to its economic possibilities. Referendum results will allow to leave present political crisis in parliament which does not work from - for struggle for an armchair of speaker Valery Valkova and Boris Balchy - oola - deputy Vitaly Batryna - the Gardens, supporting mister Valkova has told. Supporters of mister Balchy - oola are assured that amendments to the constitution should be corrected. According to Zynaida Dehtjar`s deputy, in parliament the question on an order of formation of a hural can be brought up. president Dmitry Medvedev supports professional parliaments - she speaks.

political scientist Alexander Kynev named referendum results the virtual: to the authorities of Tuva it was necessary for demonstration to the federal centre of controllability a political situation in region . In its opinion, referendum questions were formal : have changed the name of the head of republic and have refused nothing the solving House of Representatives, and the main point - about the conflict of political elite - is not solved, the parliament on - former is paralysed and does not work.