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At communists and United Russia party members candidates

elections of the mayor of Bratsk Coming on May, 23rd fork became the reason of the inner-party conflict in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Yesterday it became known that a member of Communist Party Valery Pigarev has decided to stand as the self-promoted worker. Obkom the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, put forward Alexander Serova`s candidate, it is assured that for mister Pigarevym there are competitors. an United Russia has decided not to propose at all the candidate and will support two self-promoted workers.
electoral committee of Bratsk have notified on intention to participate in elections of the mayor of first three candidates - self-promoted workers, among which member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the general director of Open Company Peak Valery Pigarev. We will remind, early election of the town governor has appointed from - that eks - the mayor of Bratsk Sergey Serebrennikov in January, 2010 has removed from itself powers. an United Russia has put forward it in mayors of Irkutsk, however he has lost elections to the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to Victor Kondrashovu.

Valery Pigareva`s Decision to participate in elections as self-promotion has appeared unexpected as in the end of last week communists have spent partkonferentsiju where have unanimously put forward the candidate of the technical director of Open Company the Electrocomplete set Alexander Serova whom, as well as Victor Kondrashov, is only the supporter of party. Valery Pigareva`s demarche in obkome named rough infringement of the charter also have threatened to exclude him from the party. This question will be considered on today`s plenum of city branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. similar precedents when the party member goes on elections without the consent with the others, in obkome I will not remember the Communist Party of the Russian Federation since 1993 - the second secretary obkoma Evgenie Rulkov has told.

Communists are afraid that the self-promoted worker who has started to position itself as the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, will prevent a victory of the official candidate of party. Promotion of mister Pigareva, believe in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, it is favourable to competitors. Valery Pigarev does not answer phone calls. in my opinion, it is the inner-party conflict, the similar situation was at United Russia party members in Irkutsk - has told the secretary of bureau of local branch Fair Russia Vladimir Matienko. And a source in political council of Irkutsk branch an United Russia has informed that with the communist the party did not conclude arrangements, and United Russia party members should solve problems with definition of own candidate.

however to propose the official candidate the party and could not. The matter is that following the results of prajmeriz with advantage in five voices was in the lead and. An island of the mayor Alexander Doskalchuk who actively advances eks - mayor Sergey Serebrennikov. However at a yesterday`s private meeting of political council the majority of members of presidium have supported the deputy of Legislative Assembly Sergey Grishin on whom initially staked in party. yesterday at a private meeting the regional branch has made the unprecedented decision - to give the chance both wishing to participate in elections. They will stand as self-promotion, and already in the first of May that from candidates who during propaganda will have weaker positions, should remove the nominee from elections - the interlocutor " has informed; .

One of United Russia party members has told that it is an ostrich`s position, especially after a failure in Irkutsk: it is impossible, that the party put forward nobody . Time has won on prajmeriz Doskalchuk, means, it should go. Otherwise in general it is not clear, what for we spends prajmeriz - he has told. Thus the Party member has expressed the big doubt that someone from candidates from an United Russia will agree to act in film during campaign from elections. Irkutsk governor Dmitry Mezentsev who on elections of the mayor of Irkutsk supported Sergey Serebrennikov, on a question what its position at elections in Bratsk will be, has answered so: your question in, whether I will blow on water, obzhegshis on milk? I will wait for results of work which will be presented by regional branch. As to elections of the mayor of Irkutsk, it was absolutely logical that I as the head of region have supported the candidate of party .