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At machine engineers the factory

Property FGUP " has come to an end; Machine works of a name of F.E.Dzerzhinsky (ZiD) it will be sold at sealed bids within the limits of competitive manufacture which after long procedure of bankruptcy was entered yesterday by edge arbitration court. The nominee of the competitive managing director while remains not confirmed: discharge of duties is temporarily assigned to external managing director Evgenie Lysova. However, competitive manufacture can be stopped: one of the main creditors of ZiD - the tax service of edge - is going to appeal against against the decision of meeting of creditors on which the decision on competitive manufacture was accepted.
yesterday the arbitration court recognised as insolvent FGUP ZiD. The decision of meeting of creditors which has taken place on March, 29th became the basis. The court also has defined to appoint and. An island of competitive managing director Evgenie Lysova, present head ZiD. The new managing director will be appointed by court in May after the meeting of creditors will define SRO or a certain nominee.

mister Lysov has declared to court that deterioration of an economic situation in the country as a whole, and also strategy of the government of the Russian Federation concerning development of the enterprises oboronno - an industrial complex became the difficult situation reason on ZiD. So, the enterprise debt receivable makes 44 million rbl., and the accounts payable has reached 1,8 mlrd rbl. while factory actives were estimated earlier in 795 million rbl. Nevertheless, the managing director sees possibility of the further development of manufacture. now Minpromtorg of the Russian Federation (proprietor ZiD. - ) concerns factory activity more steadfastly. The meeting held recently shows that the enterprise will remain as working with a view of defensibility - mister Lysov speaks. As he said, already structures which will promote conducting economic - industrial activity of the enterprise are now defined.

Zamgendirektora ZiD Oleg Komarov notices that, according to the government of the Russian Federation, procedure of competitive manufacture is that procedure in which there is a possibility to keep enterprise actives as there are special conditions for realisation of a property complex: special subjects " can be buyers of the given property;. Thus, the auctions will be spent in the closed form.

we will remind that ZiD is in procedure of bankruptcy since November, 31st, 2006. The agreement of lawsuit between creditors and the enterprise after long coordination has been signed in February, 2009. However it has been terminated already on October, 30th after the factory and has not paid off before tax a debt at a rate of 265 million rbl. As a whole outstanding remained 387 million rbl. from 895 million rbl. under the register. Top - enterprise management, together with. Islands of the head Evgenie Lysov explained nonpayment of money resources by attempt to translate factory in the status state (as it has occurred, for example, to the Perm powder mill).

the Aggravation of struggle round factory has begun autumn of 2009 after its returning in procedure of competitive manufacture. Then under the decision of Minpromtorga of the Russian Federation since October, 31st by general director ZiD the Perm businessman, the former head of transport committee of administration of Perm Oleg Borovik has been appointed. However on its enterprise and has not started up a top - management of ZiD, being guided by court definition about introduction of external management. In December mister Boroviku nevertheless managed to get on factory after the Seventeenth arbitration appeal court has seen interest in actions of external managing director Evgenie Lysova. I according to a motivation part of the decision of court mister Borovik was obliged to execute an island. In this time the businessman has brought record in EGRJUL, has replaced bank cards, and also has made new seals. Appointment of new managing director ZiD has occurred on February, 11th, 2010. Victor Kostomarov known on bankruptcy of the aviation company " became them; KD Avia . However in some days the Federal court of the Ural district has rehabilitated mister Lysova who, as a matter of fact, now and conducts bankruptcy of ZiD: Victor Kostomarov and has not started the duties.

yesterday as it has appeared, against the statement of the agreement of lawsuit and simultaneously against introduction of competitive manufacture one of the main creditors of ZiD - FNS (by data a top - management of ZiD, the general debts against the authorised body make 1,5 mlrd rbl.) voted . The representative of tax department considers that the decision of meeting of creditors is illegal: It is accepted persons to whom the vote at meeting of creditors should not be given. At us procedure of external management is entered. And according to new edition of the law, creditors, whose requirements are provided by pledge, cannot vote . According to tax service, it is a question of Open Company the Capital 2007 Open Company the Assistant and Open Company Gran . The last, we will remind, belongs to group RIAL deputy Yury Borisovtsa which in the beginning of 2009 has publicly declared secession of creditors of ZiD. In this connection the authorised body prepares the project of the complaint to the decision of meeting of creditors. To be overcome for factory also Oleg Borovik is ready. We will undoubtedly appeal against against this decision, as well as restoration of mister Lysova - mister Borovik has declared .