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Signatures for Work will grind all

On Saturday in Ekaterinburg at a monument to city founders has passed peace meeting for preservation of square with a fountain of the area of Work where the diocese with support of the Sverdlovsk governor expects to construct sacred Ekaterina`s temple. In the action have taken part more than 3 thousand townspeople of which actions the diocese has suspected attempt as much as possible to spoil the future visit to Ural Mountains patriarch Cyril.

with the offer to hold meeting for preservation on the Work area in Ekaterinburg of square with a fountain the Stone flower the deputy of a municipal duma Leonid Volkov has acted. Its idea have supported local blogery and users the Internet - forums which specified that the area with a fountain and square became for a long time favourite vacation spot of townspeople. Besides, opponents of authors of the project on temple erection marked, the project has not passed an extensive discussion.

we Will remind, the Ekaterinburg diocese has suggested to construct sacred Ekaterina`s temple on the area of Work, the idea has there and then met with approval of the governor of Sverdlovsk area of Alexander Misharina. The diocese suggested to restore a cathedral which has been located on this place till 1930. The prospective area of building - 1,4 thousand in sq. m, temple height - 53 m. Is planned that it can contain to 1,6 thousand persons, and under it the underground autoparking will be located.

many participants of Saturday meeting admitted conversations with the correspondent what to come on their area has forced the critic of forthcoming meeting by the archbishop Ekaterinburg and Verhotursky Vikentiem on air of official TV channel of a diocese the Union . The priest named the action continuation bogoborchestva which was in days of atheism also has warned that the one who opposes to church, waits punishment. Any person who opposed to God, has not died the death - he has warned. Besides, on a site of news agency of a diocese there was a list known ekaterinburzhtsev which have spoken against temple building on the Work area. Among them a member of the Union of architects Michael Goloborodsky, film director Vladimir Makeranets, the professor of the Ural medical academy Vladimir Ditjatev.

According to mister Volkova, on the eve of meeting the action tried to prevent and representatives of power structures. I had some meetings with regional administration where me dissuaded, asked as - nibud to change an action format - the deputy has told. it is necessary to translate all in a civilised channel because never on meetings the destiny of concrete ideas dared - has stated a day before the action the fears and the Ural plenipotentiary of the president Nikolay Vinnichenko, having reminded what disorders have begun with meeting in Kirghizia.

nevertheless, organizers have not refused the action, and on Saturday meeting, by their estimations, left from 3 thousand to 4 thousand persons. In nearby streets ambulance cars and buses with militia were on duty. Employees of the law and order operated is underlined correctly, demanding only to clean posters with political slogans which some participants of meeting tried to develop. However, a little from all of them were in time popozirovat before a photo - and videocameras with posters Vikentija to Abakan for life Fftopku a temple, you give a banana . There were also legal slogans - gold temples are not necessary to God, the true belief " is necessary to it; the City big - for a temple is other places it is good, when all is good! .

Meanwhile on the improvised tribune in fountain protection known people in a city have acted. The dean of historical faculty UrGu Vladimir Babintsev has urged not to admit a turn a red wheel which has already split a society and has now turned back . The musician of group a Chaif Vladimir Begunov admitted that has not noticed, as the constitutional system was replaced, and the state has ceased to be secular . Known playwright Nikolay Koljada who during this moment was with tours with the theatre in Moscow, has left the audiomessage for participants of meeting. In it it has reminded that opera theatre a La Scala in Milan is at a stop a Catholic cathedral (church Santa - Maria della the Rock. - ), and nobody is going to take down it. In pauses between performances to participants of the action sang local musical groups. Simultaneously volunteers collected signatures under reference to archbishop Vikentiju, governor of the region Alexander Misharinu, mayor of Ekaterinburg Arcady Chernetsky, chairman of the Ekaterinburg municipal duma Evgenie Porunovu with requirement to consider opinion of townspeople at decision-making on destiny of the area. According to mister Volkova, all managed to be collected more than 3,5 thousand signatures.

the news agency of the Ekaterinburg diocese has stated yesterday the estimation antireligious meeting . the Last meeting with balloons, clowns and musicians is an attempt of some forces if not to break as much as possible to spoil the future visit to the Ekaterinburg diocese of the Most holy Patriarch Cyril (should visit Sverdlovsk area 16 - on April, 18th. - ) - has assumed agency referring to some analysts . In a press - service of patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril have refused to make comments on the action ekaterinburzhtsev, having informed only that any changes in its trip it is not planned. Informally in the Moscow patriarchy have noticed that are not going to interfere in discussion of townspeople and archbishop Vikentija . This domestic concern of the Ekaterinburg diocese, and the lord herself will understand with this question - the interlocutor has explained.