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Victor Koksharov is presented by the rector

Yesterday Sverdlovsk governor Alexander Misharin has presented to employees and students of UrGU and UGTU - UPI the rector of the Ural federal university Victor Koksharova, the order on which appointment was signed on April, 8th by the prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin. Rector UrFu and head of area have assured present that the prices for formation will not raise, and the quantity of budgetary places for students remains former.

that Victor Koksharov will receive a post of the rector of the Ural federal university (UrFU) it became known in the end of November, soon after its resignation from a post of the head of the Sverdlovsk government. Governor Alexander Misharin who has replaced in November of last year Edward Rossel, said that this post will be offered mister Koksharovu.

representing yesterday Victor Koksharova to employees and students of the Ural state university of M.A.Gorkogo and the Ural technical university of B. N. Yeltsin on which base it is planned to create UrFU, Alexander Misharin has told: “ This personnel appointment was expected, co-ordinated. Victor Anatolevich (Koksharov. - „”) the competent, mobile person. First of all, it the manager, an analyst who is capable to cope with difficult problems on realisation of the project of UrFU “. Speaking about the project of federal university, mister Misharin has specified that in first half of May the platform on which UrFU will be constructed will be defined. As he said, it is now discussed two sites: one - on the bank of lake Shartash, another - in area “ Academic “. “ But at first expert and observant councils " will be generated; - the governor has specified.

the decree about creation of a network of federal universities (it is a question approximately about ten - twelve high schools) which would unite regional high schools, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed on May, 7th, 2008. The decision of the president on creation of the Ural federal university on the basis of the Ural state technical university - UPI of B.N.Yeltsin has been published on October, 21st, 2009. Into structure UrFu will enter UGTU - UPI, Ural gosuniverstitet (UrGU), the venture fund created with the assistance of the regional authorities, branch institutes and technopark. In the project till 2020 it will be invested nearby 40 mlrd roubles. According to the confirmed plan now UGTU - UPI gets the status of UrFU, and the Ural state university should be a part of high school in 2011. Operating rectors Dmitry Bugrov (UrGU) and Anatoly Matern (UPI) become the first pro-rectors of UrFU.

Victor Koksharov to whom have asked to speak after performance of the governor, has told that now before it costs much “ difficult problems “ most important of which - financing attraction. “ all details of the project become clear in a month when we will finish it “ - mister Koksharov has told, having specified that in 2010 the federal budget will direct on development financially - technical base of high school 1 mlrd roubles. “ money will go on equipment updating, preparation and retraining of teachers “ - he has noted. Nevertheless, according to the rector, for attraction of additional means of UrFU should adjust cooperation with business - community. “ we need to involve business that it placed at university of the demand for carrying out of applied researches. On conditions sofinansirovanija 50 on 50 state is ready to allocate for each such project to 300 million roubles “ - mister Koksharov has informed, having noticed that the preliminary arrangement with a number of the large industrial companies to name which it has refused, is already reached.

the scheme of financing of UrFU Will exchange also. “ we will receive Money not under the budgetary estimate, and in the form of grants. Thus, for us crediting possibility through banks will be opened. Besides, the high school can give the areas in rent “ - mister Koksharov has noted, having suggested present to ask questions. Whether

students present at a meeting and employees interested, in particular, the price for training will raise and whether the quantity of rates of teachers will be reduced. “ training cost does not depend in any way on association of high schools. On the contrary, in the future we plan to do the utmost to reduce the prices “ - the rector has assured. And governor Alexander Misharin has added that the quantity of workplaces remains former, as well as budgetary places for students.

already at a briefing, after acquaintance to subordinates, Victor Koksharov has not excluded that soon structure UrFu will include also other high schools. “ but this business voluntary and while demands from high schools at us are not present “ - mister Koksharov has specified. However, while interested persons are not present. “ In the project of UrFU there is not enough reality - only plans for the future. Even the platform is not chosen yet “ - have transferred a management position in a press - service of the Ural mountain university. “ for lobbying of interests of educational institutions the independent noncommercial organisation „Big Euroasian university complex” (BEUK) where 13 high schools of the Ural federal district enter is created. And to be a part of UrFU to us anybody and did not offer “ - the head of the Ural state economic university (UrGEU) Michael Fedorov has told, having underlined that UrGEU - independent enough structure to which additional support at present is not required.