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The mayor could not sell the Eaglet

Yesterday in Chelyabinsk regional court hearings on criminal case of the former mayor of Karabash Mussy Dzugaeva have begun. Under the version of the investigation, the town governor has received a bribe from the Chelyabinsk businessman, promising the help in purchase of the ground area located in territory of children`s camp. If its fault is proved, eks - to the mayor threatens till 12 years of imprisonment.

criminal case eks - heads of Karabash (the Chelyabinsk area) Mousses of Dzugaeva has been raised in the relation in October, 2009. He has been detained by employees of regional investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation and field investigators UBEP the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the Chelyabinsk area in one of cafe of Chelyabinsk at attempt to receive from the local businessman a bribe: in a case which was transferred by the businessman to mister Dzugaevu, was 700 thousand roubles and 7 thousand euro. Under the version of the investigation, eks - the head of Karabash promised to the businessman the help in ground area reception for compensation. Mousse accusation on ch has been brought to Dzugaevu. 4 items 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( bribe Reception ) which sanctions provide till 12 years of imprisonment.

on yesterday`s session to support the spouse his wife who has refused flatly dialogue with the press has come only. The mister Dzugaev who is in custody, the bill of particulars which was read by state accuser Andrey Baukin, has listened easy. As appears from business materials, with the statement in law enforcement bodies about the fact of extortion from the head of Karabash the businessman has addressed. He has told that for the sum received from it mister Dzugaev intended to assist in site reception in some hectare in territory of a municipal children`s recreation camp the Eaglet (it is located on lake Uveldy, a total area - 12 hectares.) . As it is marked in the bill of particulars, the scheme was assumed the following: the businessman should repair camp, but from - for absence of means in the city budget the municipality would pay off with it with the ground area. Yesterday in a press - service of court to name the businessman have refused. From business materials it is only known that the briber is the director of the company of Open Company Ostiak Investments (Alexander Raskin specialises on purchase and resale of a breakage and nonferrous metals).

after reading of the bill of particulars has been finished, the chairman on business judge Sergey Gorbulin (earlier considered corruption criminal cases concerning were vitse - governor Victor Timashova and eks - the mayor of Miass Vladimir Grigoriadi. - ) has taken an interest at Mussy Dzugaeva: whether charge is clear to it. no, I of in what guilty I do not consider - the defendant has answered. Yesterday the court as has defined an order of granting of proofs of charge and protection, then has subpoenaed on interrogation as a witness the briber - Alexander Raskin. After that has been declared having rummaged in judicial session till April, 13th.

yesterday lawyers Mussy Dzugaeva have refused comments. Also it was not possible to communicate and with representatives of Open Company Ostiak Investments phones of the company specified in help, did not answer.