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Aviadispatchers will carry out the solidarity action

Aviadispatchers of the airports “ Koltsovo “ (Ekaterinburg) and Nizhnevartovsk declared a protest action in support of the colleagues from Rostov, not concordant with the new collective agreement. As it was informed earlier, FGUP “ State corporation on the air traffic organisation “ in April declared the conclusion with the branches new koldogovorov in which, according to aviadispatchers, work repayment terms do not make a reservation. Participants of the action demand, that the contract which registered salary indexation twice a year at level not below 9 % (in new contracts of it has been kept were earlier uniform for all branches is not provided). As Tatyana Merzljakova, on April, 11th in the morning group of members of trade union of the aviadispatchers working in " has told „” the representative under human rights in Sverdlovsk area; Air navigation of Ural Mountains “ declared hunger-strike. “ I have met workers and have listened to their claims. For negotiations to dispatchers the head of “Air navigation of Ural Mountains” Sergey Sjukasev with whom at the protesting meaningful dialogue has taken place has left also. In particular, it has been decided that workers will not starve “ - madam Merzljakova has explained. As she said, during negotiations the agreement has been reached: aviadispatchers will take part in the so-called action of solidarity, that is there can be some hours after work indoors at an aviadispatching office, but food will not refuse. Under the same scheme of colleagues aviadispatchers from Nizhnevartovsk will support.