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In Dagestan two insurgents from a gang of the husband smertnitsy

In wood of Karabudahkentsky area of Dagestan are killed at counterterrorism operation carrying out the body of the second insurgent is revealed. Law enforcement bodies pursue a gang of Magomedali Vagabova, the second husband of terrorist Marjam Sharipovoj who have blown up at metro station “ Lubjanka “. Criminal case upon  destruction is brought during special action of three military men. Wounds were received by seven persons.
“ at district combing the body of the second killed insurgent is found. Actions proceed. The ring is gradually pulled together. There is an information on base of insurgents “ - the representative has told about an operation course in Karabudahkentsky area of Dagestan a press - services UFSB of Russia across Dagestan. He has noticed that with approach of darkness operation has been suspended.

the Karabudahkentsky area of Dagestan became counterterrorism operation arena on April, 11th. Law enforcement bodies aspire to liquidate the gang of Magomedali Vagabova blocked in woods at settlement Gubden. The operation zone has been processed by artillery and fire from helicopters then fights sboevikami have begun. During them three military men of internal troops on April, 11th were lost, seven have been wounded. Investigatory management SKP of Russia across Dagestan upon  destruction of military men has raised on April, 12th criminal case under item 317 (an encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body) and 222 (illegal acquisition, storage and weapon carrying) the criminal code of Russian Federation. Special services do not exclude that in the blocked gang there can be a brother lubjanskoj smertnitsy Anvar Sharipov.

in law enforcement bodies grouping Vagabova is considered the largest in an underground of Dagestan. Its number is estimated in 40 persons. The leader of a gang of Magomedali Vagabov was the second husband of suicide bomber Marjam Sharipovoj. According to the law enforcement bodies, the Jordanian known among insurgents as Doctor Muhammad was the first husband Marjam, teachers from Balahani. For his death also has revenged self-blasting in underground Marjam. FSB asserted that Doctor Muhammad has arrived to the North Caucasus still in the middle of 90 - h together with known terrorist Hattabom, and recently ostensibly represented interests “ Al - Kaidy “ in this region. After doctor Muhammad has been killed during special action in settlement Mutsalaul of Khasavyurt area on August, 30th, 2009 its widow took under guardianship the friend of the Jordanian - the leader gubdenskoj groupings of insurgents of Magomedali Vagabov.

According to participants of investigation of acts of terrorism, such practice “ transition “ wives from the lost insurgent to live is usual in the environment of a gangster underground. According to a source “ “ brother Marjam Iljas himself brought it to wood to the new husband. “ Such trips were made under the pretext of visiting kunakov in Akushinsky area, - has told “ “ a source in power structures. - mother really went to friends of the family, and sister Iljas in passing brought to wood where it was taken away by insurgents “. Thus Marjam Sharipov was not the unique wife amira Vagabova, its one more companion lives in Balahani. Last time terrorist Magomedali Vagabov about one week was in this settlement in January of current year.