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Have not done much harm

the Damage to environment from activity on oil recovery, judging by the official data of state structures, decreases. Experts consider that it is effect of the innovative decisions introduced by the companies in nature protection sphere. First of all these decisions are directed on recycling of passing oil gas and nefteshlama.

Gas - the fellow traveller
According to the annual report on activity of Federal Agency of ecological, technological and nuclear supervision (Rostehnadzor), in 2008 on objects nefte - and gazodobychi in Russia has occurred ten failures, caused a damage to environment. Authors of the report notice that the quantity of failures in comparison by similar indicators of previous years has decreased almost twice. This decrease is connected by increase of attention from a management of the oil-extracting companies to ecology questions. last years at the domestic oil companies the approach to preservation of the environment has changed. The oil companies become global players who should observe the game rules accepted all over the world - it is assured the senior research assistant of Institute of world economy and the international relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, one of authors of the report Problems and prospects of use of oil passing gas in Russia Nina Pusenkova.

Interrogated BG the oil companies put in means budgets first of all on improvement or introduction of systems of recycling of passing oil gas (PNG). We will remind, by 2011 each oil company is obliged to make so that passing gas went anywhere, only not to atmosphere.

the multinational corporation company - BP, for example, plans to invest the next three years about $700 million in projects of an effective utilisation of passing gas. While it uses traditional ways of its recycling. Besides, passing gas use for household needs. In 2009 recycling level has on the average made 84,4 % that on 4 % above, than in 2008.

Open Society ANK Bashneft for use PNG builds gazoporshnevuju power station on Kirsko - the Kottynsky deposit Nizhnevartovsk UDNG. Realisation of this project will allow to raise factor of recycling PNG from 18 % to 62 % for some years.

the foreign companies do not lag behind. Concern Shell, for example, in 2000 has begun the program of reduction of torch burning of gas at the expense of gathering and use of the natural gas containing in extracted oil. Now continuous burning of passing gas on torches proceeds only on five objects of the company in the world.

the oil companies began to invest considerable means in nature protection measures thanks to what decrease in emissions in atmosphere is marked. Also it is necessary to tell that last years more perfect technologies of control over depressurization of oil pipelines " began to be applied; - Sergey Donsky has declared BG zamglavy the Ministries of ecology and natural resources of the Russian Federation.

for pure nefteshlam
One more by-product of oil extracting - nefteshlam, skvazhinnaja a liquid after branch from it oil. The companies on - to a miscellaneous manage with a drilling waste. For example, in state oil Gazprom to all other ways prefer zakachku this waste back in a layer. This technology in the company have decided to apply in 2004. To make it have counted necessary first of all on the Southern part of the Priobsky deposit which is located in a water security zone in pojme Irtysh. Here to place a chisel waste it is forbidden from - for dangers of pollution superficial and ground waters. To take out a chisel waste expensively and inconveniently: transportation is possible only in a cold season. Have decided to exhaust a waste in a layer. The company management is assured that has found a way out: technologies allow to reduce a cost of transportation, accordingly, and the general expenses at drilling of chinks.

to overwork and neutralise oil shlamy in extracting division of Open Society ANK Bashneft Open Company Bashneft - Extraction prefer, using installations on processing nefteshlamov the Alpha - Laval . They overwork at an o`clock of 5 tons shlama. For last eight years this innovation has allowed to utilise more than 130 thousand in cubic m nefteshlama, that is to liquidate 29 nefteshlamovyh barns from 37 available.

a petrocontaining waste in the company utilises, using a biological product the Consortium . Its experts of Open Company Bashneft - Extraction have developed. The new principle of processing nefteshlamov is based on recycling of hydrocarbonic fraction and destruktsii oil in ground deposits. As have shown biological product tests, in 48 hours after processing decays more than 80 % of oil, and for the fifth days biodecomposition degree reaches 95 %. Our project includes scientifically - the practical materials based on long-term experience of the reference with nefteshlamami, saved up in the company, - the general director of Open Company " speaks; Bashneft - Extraction Nikolay Grahantsev. - Introduction of new technologies of recycling nefteshlamov has allowed to liquidate, in particular, a number nefteshlamovyh the barns maintained earlier on 40 - 50 years .