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“ Inter the Russian Open Society “ will close peaks of Mongolia

“ Inter the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ “ for the first time is ready to conclude the long-term contract with Mongolia on electric power delivery. Within six years it will be delivered at the price adhered to the price of the wholesale market in Russia. The developed power networks allow “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ to close the export all demand in the country, but the Mongolian companies are ready to buy only energy for a covering of peaks of consumption. The most perspective direction of export of the Russian energy there is China.
“ Inter the Russian Open Society “ has informed that has agreed with Mongolia about revision of the formula of the price for the delivered electric power. New long-term contracts should be concluded till the end of 2010. They will operate till the end of 2015 and will replace agreements operating now (term till 2012). As have specified in the company, the price of deliveries is adhered to energy cost in the wholesale market of Russia so to the Mongolian party the structure of expenses " becomes clear; Inter the Russian Open Society “. The annual volume of export to the Central Mongolia will make about 130 million in kw ch, it about 8 % of annual requirement of the country in the electric power.

that “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ reconsiders contracts with Mongolian AK “ the Central regional electrotransferring network “ and AK “ the Western regional power supply system “ it was informed in March. Then the Russian company wanted to create the long-term formula of definition of the price which would be reconsidered not more often, than time in three years. While the export prices for this direction are defined only for a year. Besides, “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ has suggested Mongolia to consider possibility of building of generation in the country. But while the answer is not present, mark in the company.

Mongolia - the export direction second for the importance “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ in the Far East. The basic buyer of the Russian electric power is China which in 2009 has bought at belonging “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ East power company (VEK) 854 million in kw ch, and this year the export volume can exceed 1 mlrd kw ch. Volumes of deliveries to Mongolia are stable and much more low: except the Central Mongolia about 60 million in kw ch it is delivered on the country West. It is all nearby 1 % from annual deliveries “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ abroad. In the company say that transboundary networks allow to export to Mongolia to 1 mlrd kw ch in a year. To finish deliveries to this volume basically it is possible, but such quantity of energy of Mongolia is not required (it comparable with annual consumption of the country). In “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ have added that now the Uhlan - Bator is interested in energy acquisition only for closing of peaks of consumption.

More perspective still have the Chinese direction that is reflected and in power supply system plans for development. In VEK earlier noticed that export can be finished to 3,6 - 4,5 million in kw ch in a year for what it is necessary to construct new transboundary LEP 500 sq. Besides, “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ intend to build specially under export new parogazovyj the power unit in Khabarovsk, the total amount of investments in power objects was estimated in $600 - 700 million According to Dmitry Terekhov from IK “ finam “ export to actively developing China, undoubtedly, is more favourable for “ Inter the Russian Open Society “. In Mongolia there is no electric power market, and the price is formed under the tariff on system “ expenses plus “ the senior analyst IFK " speaks; Metropol “ Sergey Bejden. But, under its data, in 2008 on peaks of consumption the cost price of development of the most expensive coal capacities in Mongolia reached $38 for 1 MVt ch whereas the price of the wholesale market is in the Siberian power zone at level 500 - 550 rbl. for 1 MVt ch. The analyst believes that “ Inter the Russian Open Society “ could close export both peak, and semipeak consumption of Mongolia that would be favourable to both parties.