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Dorozhniki the management of committee on an accomplishment and a road economy have missed billions

Yesterday has declared that without entering of amendments into the budget about increase in financing of repair of roads dorozhniki can to put in order only 15 % of the city highways needing under repair. For repair of the Petersburg roads in the budget of 2010 it is allocated on 6 mlrd roubles less, than it is necessary for maintenance of their normal functioning. To conformity of a high system of the city of GoStam does not suffice 18 mlrd roubles. The committee on an accomplishment and a road economy hopes to increase volume of city injections in reconstruction of roads at entering of amendments into the budget.
at session of the profile commission of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg on the transport complex, headed by deputy Igor Rimmerom, Andrey Podobed, the vice-president of committee on an accomplishment and a road economy (KBDH), has informed that without amendments to the budget it is necessary to the Petersburg roads heavy. In the budget of current year on repair of roads it is taken away 1,04 mlrd roubles, it will suffice on repair of 62 city streets. Competition on the right of carrying out of these works is already declared KBDH. According to mister Podobeda, on restoration of natural deterioration of a road covering this year it is required 7 mlrd roubles on 5,6 million in sq. m of roads. These are 10 % from total number of the Petersburg roads which need annual repair.

thus Andrey Podobed has noticed that about 36 % of the Petersburg streets (1100 streets) do not correspond gostam. On their finishing to conformity to state standards it is required 18 mlrd roubles which are not present. Besides it, 5 % of city streets were not under repair with 1960 - h years - from the moment of building. The official has paid special attention that 50 - 70 % of cost of repair makes cost asfaltobetona.

the road condition in Kirovsk and Krasnogvardejsky areas is Most pitiable that mister Podobed has explained incomplete financing of repair within ten last years. In a good condition there are streets Kolpino, Kronstadt, Resort, Petrodvortsovogo and Central areas.

the only thing, on what hope in KBDH, are amendments to the budget which will be considered on April, 15th. we hope to receive taking into account amendments of 4 billion roubles, it is the program on repair of 80 streets. In general deputies should make amendments to the budget in the winter because now while amendments while the documentation on competition while will be summed up will be prepared will be brought and confirmed, - thus, works will begin not earlier than June. And to repair roads it is possible on the average till September, rains yet will not begin. The earlier works begin, the more easy and more qualitatively they are carried out - mister Podobed argues.

summing up session, Igor Rimmer has reminded that legislative and executive power should co-operate more operatively with each other, as representatives KBDH have promised to it.

Andrey Podobed, speaking about complexities of a choice of the diligent customer, has noticed that initially it would limit quantity of the companies which can participate in competition. the black list of the unreliable companies is only in heads. And nobody can follow, whether the company which has not carried out of the obligations, to new competition was re-registered. It is necessary to consider experience in this sphere, it is impossible to be guided only by the low cost declared by the applicant - mister Podobed speaks.