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Russia Councillors of directors of Open Society " have not started up on the Kirov factory

; the Kirov factory Maxim Jakovlev, Yury Borisov and Igor Ustinov (in total own more than 25 - a percentage share holding of Open Society) at council session have voted against on a question About approval of the large transaction . It was a question of refinancing of the credit of Open Society Joint-stock bank Russia concerning Open Society the Kirov factory given under the state guarantees of the Russian Federation.

a credit total sum - 2,2 mlrd roubles, the state guarantees provide 50 % from the sum of the credit given for three years. The credit it was planned to direct for re-structuring of current loan debts against bank Russia . Management of the Kirov factory planned to save on percent to 100 million roubles annually and to direct these means for Joint-Stock Company modernisation The Petersburg tractor factory (PTZ) or on repayment of a part of a credit portfolio of Open Society the Kirov factory .

the Transaction demanded the unanimous decision of all councillors of directors. the group of minority shareholders has once again shown the position and disinterest in improvement of an economic situation on Kirovsk factory, - the chairman of board of directors of Open Society " has declared; the Kirov factory Cyril Poljakov. - the question on approval of the given transaction will be taken out on annual general meeting of shareholders of Open Society the Kirov factory and till this time the enterprise will be compelled to continue to pay the raised interest rate under credits, bearing additional mullions-strong expenses - its words in the message are given.

MBSP will occupy 1 mlrd roubles.
the international bank of St.-Petersburg (MBSP) has made decision to place bonded release in volume 1 mlrd roubles. Bonds face value of 1 thousand roubles it is planned to place on an open subscription on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange. Term of the reference of papers will make three years. Under bonds the semi-annual coupon period is provided. According to chairman of the board MBSP Andrey Kostin, bank enters the bonded market for the purpose of attraction fondirovanija for realisation of the programs, and first of all programs of crediting of corporate clients.

today in the market the favorable conjuncture is observed. Activity grows in sector of corporate bonds, and we hope that placing MBSP will pass successfully. One of these days agency Standard and Poor`s (S &P) has reconsidered the forecast on a credit rating of counterpart MBSP on Stable and the rating on a national scale has been raised to ruBBB. We count that this decision of agency will promote interest of investors to a bonded loan of bank - Andrey Kostin speaks. Placing of bonds is planned in the summer of 2010. By the organizer of release it is chosen IK the Three - Dialogue .

the International bank of St.-Petersburg is created in 1989. Own capital of bank for December, 31st, 2009 has made 4,3 mlrd roubles, bank actives - 39,6 mlrd roubles. MBSP following the results of 2009 has occupied 78 - e a place on the size of actives in renkinge Interfax - 100 prepared Interfax - TSEA .