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St.-Petersburg has summed up

bank Net profit St.-Petersburg under the international standards of the reporting (MSFO) in 2009 has made 640,3 million rbl. Following the results of a year of deduction in reserves have exceeded 15 mlrd rbl. (9,1 % from a portfolio). During two - three quarters of this year the bank intends to keep former rates of deduction in reserves (2 - 2,5 mlrd rbl. a quarter). Following the results of the fourth quarter the bank has shown insignificant increase in a share of the delayed credits - from 6,9 % to 7,4 %. Growth of a share of the largest borrowers in a credit portfolio occurred against the general growth of the credit portfolio which has increased by 15 %. Thus, the limited circle of borrowers was in a greater degree financed.

PSKB has increased profit
In 2009 PSKB, according to MSFO, has increased net profit more than in 2,5 times in comparison with previous year, it has reached 255 million roubles. Accordingly, the profit to the taxation for 2009 has increased in 2,3 times and has made 317 million roubles.

profit growth is caused by increase in pure percentage incomes after reserve creation under depreciation of a credit portfolio and commission incomes according to MSFO, and also decrease administrative and a miscellaneous cost - it is told in the bank message. Pure percentage incomes after reserve creation under depreciation of a credit portfolio have increased by 13 % for 2009 and have made 309 million roubles, commission incomes of bank have increased on 29 % and have made 347 million roubles for 2009. Administrative and a bank miscellaneous cost has decreased on 14 % and has made 354 million roubles.

bank actives have made 8,447 mlrd roubles on the beginning of 2010., having increased by 12 % in comparison with a similar indicator of 2008. Own capital of bank for December, 31st, 2009 has increased by 13 % to 1,37 million roubles. The volume of credits and advance payments to clients for December, 31st, 2009 has made 2,799 mlrd roubles, and the volume of means of clients has increased by 16 %, having exceeded 6,916 mlrd roubles.

the European Reconstruction and Development Bank will support Technopolis
Board of directors of the European bank of reconstruction and development (European Reconstruction and Development Bank) has approved granting of the credit of Finnish company Technopolis in size 31,6 million on financing of building of the Petersburg technopark - office areas in volume of 24 thousand in sq. m. It is supposed that the European Reconstruction and Development Bank will allocate 21,6 million own means, and still 10 million will make the syndicated credit of the various commercial banks which names are not called.

means will be given on end of building of the Petersburg technopark erected nearby to the airport of Pulkovo. our bank is the guarantor of all credit sum for this project, but allocates only a part, - the senior adviser of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank Richard Uollis speaks. - By rules of the syndicated crediting the international commercial banks or the banks registered abroad " can give other part of the demand line of credit;. The Interest rate and other parametres of crediting are not disclosed.