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Growth of the market of casual games in Russia was slowed down - according to analysts, in 2009 it has made only 23 % though still one year ago reached 160 %. Experts consider that the main reason for that universal distribution of games to social networks.

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February has stood out surprisingly rich on the events connected with the domestic game industry. To begin with company Mail. ru declared purchase of a minority share of an authorised capital stock of studio Astrum Nival which are engaged in working out and a conclusion to the market multiuser online - games. Oleg Sambikin and Ilya Verigin is literally next day the former partners of the publisher of on-line games Innova Systems declared creation of new company Syncopate. It was informed that the company will be engaged in market examination, the edition multiuser and brauzernyh games, and also purchase of the studios which are engaged in creation of game for social networks. The size of initial investments in Syncopate is estimated in $20 million In plans, according to founders, - annual release of five - ten new products with distribution to Russia, the CIS, Europe and Turkey.

at last, in February investment holding finam left number of shareholders of company Alawar, having sold a share to Alexander Galitsky`s Almaz Capital Partners fund. Alawar Entertainment is the largest manufacturer of casual games to Russia, nevertheless time for sale it has been chosen as much as possible successfully, experts consider. By estimations Casual Game Association, sales of traditional downloaded games for PC in 2008 have made about $2,7 mlrd, and in Russia this indicator has now appeared $32 million Under forecasts of general director Alawar Entertainment of Alexander Lyskovsky is equal, the volume of the Russian market of casual games in 2010 will reach $42 million, having shown thus growth about 30 %. But it is necessary to dream of indicators of last years only - so, in 2008 the market has grown on 160 %.

the Mister Lyskovsky nevertheless looks ahead with optimism. As he said, the market of casual games at present in the North America, on the basic commodity market, has practically reached the maximum and its growth was considerably slowed down, therefore the basic development now is necessary on the countries of the second echelon - Europe, the South America, Africa . Therefore Alawar plans to open till the end of the year an order of 15 portals in different languages where there will be localised versions of downloaded casual games which can be bought in the way habitual for the given country for national currency.

but casual games had strong contenders: for attention of users games in social networks have seriously started to struggle. Longest owners " resisted to a trend; Schoolmates - the game section has appeared on a site only in the beginning of April, whereas a popular social network VKontakte Has opened for developers the API in 2008. In this network the most popular game " extends; the Happy farmer for 2009 brought the founder improbable $20 million for the Russian market

Nevertheless from social networks in Alawar are not afraid of a serious competition. traditional casual games and appendices for social networks are the different types of entertainments intended for different target audiences. In social networks more than young users whereas age of traditional casual players - 30 - 35 years also are more senior - the mister Lyskovsky though recognises that " argues; to ignore a great interest to games in social networks it would be incorrect . Therefore in Alawar actively prepare some releases and for social platforms.

manufacturers are more cheerful together
recognise that in the last two days the market of the games calculated on mass audience of users, very much has changed. if earlier on it downloaded casual games for PC now the spectrum has extended prevailed and in such games it is possible to play literally everywhere - online on the Internet, in smart phones, mobile games consoles, game consoles, - the mister Lyskovsky explains. Is considerably increases possibilities of participants of the traditional casual industry as allows to enter the new markets and platforms, using already existing operating time . Therefore AlawarEntertainment now publishes games for nine platforms, including social networks, iPhone, Mac, Sony PlayStation 3, Android and others.

experts assert that social games have the lowest threshold of an input on the market, and the potential profit in case of success can be measured hundreds thousand dollars. The mathematics is explained by the vice-president in game direction Mail. ru Alexander Vashchenko: Among social casual and brauzernyh games budgets at present least at social - on the average to $30 thousand There is more expensively, but it while exceptions to the rules though it is necessary to be ready to that in process of saturation of the market the lath will constantly rise. Thus profitableness such that good game has excellent chances to return expenses for the first month, and in exceptional cases ( the Happy farmer the Favourite farm ) Earnings can make to $1 million a month. The main plus of these games for the developer that they extend itself : users of social networks it is free or involuntarily result there the friends that strongly saves expenses for marketing .

Casual games, according to mister Vashchenko, cost more expensive a little, where - that from $50 thousand if we speak about more or less competitive product. But at comparable expenses there are important distinctions. For example, in the casual industry with all distributors - platforms on which games are on sale fill, and the income of the developer substantially depends on their support.

one more distinctive moment - that the sum which the player can pay, fixed, and to work on increase ARPU is almost impossible. Another story altogether - brauzernye the games standing of $200 - 500 thousand They are presumed to themselves by only big self-confident companies, not hesitating to put considerable means in marketing. Dzhekpot here the highest: topovye projects earn more $1 million a month, however from - for a strong competition risks too are very high. The competition becomes complicated that in brauzerki the person can play for years, therefore in the market there is a place for very limited number of products .

In November of last year Alisa Chumachenko has left a post of the vice-president on marketing and holding Astrum Online Entertainment advertising to be engaged in development of own investment company Game Insight. The basic line of activity - financing of the companies creating games for social networks. According to Alisy Chumachenko, it was among those people thanks to whom in Astrum shortly before its leaving the direction of games for social networks has opened: Leaving, I understood, this market is how much perspective. Well also involved possibility to earn more with smaller risks, certainly. But brauzernye and client multiuser games at all have not bothered me - we in structure have marketing agency Social Insight in which frameworks we are engaged, in particular, advancement scale online - games .

Now the structure, by a recognition of madam Chumachenko, posesses 13 studios in which Game Insight is the partner and the co-owner. In working out 114 persons are occupied. we are the structure largest in Russia which develops games for social networks, - she speaks. - we in manufacture have 24 games and still approximately as much - in a stage pre production . Names of studios do not reveal. we have an arrangement that while totally our studios not begin to receive $1 million in a month of a gain, we to anybody will tell nothing about ourselves, - makes comments on Alisa Chumachenko. - the Total receipts of studios in March have passed for $100 thousand And we in these figures are proud, for three-monthly term of work it is very good result. As some games " are started while all;. By its estimations, at worst the volume of the market of games in social networks in 2010 will make $60 million, in the best - about $100 million