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Now to ignore technologies cloud computing already it is impossible

According to Gartner, by 2012 about 20 % of the world companies will not have own IT - infrastructures: all cares on its service will be incurred by intermediaries. Correspondent BG of ALEXANDER PAVLINOVA has talked about prospect cloudy technologies in Russia and other world with OLEG SJUTINYM, the director for technological strategy of company Microsoft in Russia.
BUSINESS GUIDE: we Will begin with a banal question: than cloudy calculations should be favourable to the client?

OLEG SJUTIN: we Will present that you beginning IT - the company. Thus you have no concept, where will be in two years - suddenly it will turn out nothing and it is necessary to be closed? You need to make capital investments into an infrastructure - to buy the equipment, ON. But then for an input in business at once there is a certain barrier. Decision variants - to take all it on credit or to rent, that is to find a way to translate capital expenses in the operational. Use cloudy approaches can give the chance to you.

Besides, in Russia reduction of quantity of graduates of technical universities is expected. Becomes less entrants: we start to test consequences of recession of birth rate of the beginning 1990 - h. If to speak about our innovative economy for its maintenance even at today`s level of information it is necessary to increase quantity of experts which are engaged in it. And they simply physically will not be. And a cloud is a decision including for a such problem. Concentration of an infrastructure and economy on scale will liberate a resource on something another. And then the predicted curve of growth of economy will be real.

BG: And than then technology cloudy Calculations differs from Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Island S: the Cloud consists of several components. SaaS - the component of cloudy technology first of all directed on maintenance of requirements of the end user ON. For example, when the bookkeeper from Nefteyugansk uses system of calculation of a salary which costs on servers in Moscow or Tyumen and is processed in private a cloud the companies.

the system administrator then is the consumer of component IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Instead of building own server, it can simply receive a necessary infrastructure in rent and solve the problems.

still is PaaS (Platform as a Service) when the consumer are developers. They can lease a platform to create on it applications which will organically lay down in a cloud . The fourth type of consumers needs the data - Data as a Service (DaaS). To find the data, to analyse them, to process and take the helpful information today it is possible by means of DaaS. Concept Application as a Service is used when the consumer is the private person are game communities, social networks, television on a subscription, interactive TV and etc. At last, last element of concept cloudy technologies - interaction interfaces.

BG: it is good, and your operating system Azure then concerns what component of cloudy calculations?

Island S: Windows Azure - a platform on which the developer can write the appendix for clouds and to use all its possibilities. It is a fabric in which all elements of the concept of the company, including a control system of the distributed data SQL Azure, integration and management Windows Azure AppFabric, united by a working out platform are intertwined. Net Services. Thus the basis for work of all appendices and services is formed. Service has opened for clients on January, 1st, and the official data about quantity of users at me while is not present. But such companies, as WordPress, Associated Press, Siemens, Coca - Cola and others became the first clients.

BG: And how much ways and use purposes " in general differ; cloudy calculations in Russia and in the West?

Island S: use Purposes clouds to all countries are identical: business, simple users, the state structures receive certain economic gains. As to ways of granting cloudy Services in the various countries they can differ depending on features of the legislation. Certainly, Russia lags behind the developed western countries at least for some years. On the other hand, that we are today at earlier stage of development, will give the chance to us to pass any stages or to pass them essentially faster.

BG: Than differ from each other cloudy offers in the market of your competitors?

Island S: Each company builds new business, leaning against the experience. Today the strongest players in this sphere are VMware, Amazon, Google. VMware offers decisions for an infrastructure. Role Amazon in a cloud it is historically unique is the company with huge number of private users. At Google the paradigm: For them the key customer - existing users of company services, therefore offer Google is directed today basically either on small-scale business, or on private customers. Well and Microsoft has possibility to offer a complex platform which will satisfy requirements of all segments.