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You will not cut down an axe

According to research Digitimes Research, in 2009 60 % of the world market of electronic books it was supervised by company Amazon. But it for a short while: in America sales the Internet - tablet Apple iPad have begun, capable in a root to change not only the market of electronic books, but also all publishing industry as a whole.

apple threat
the Market of devices for reading of books is for the present young, but is very perspective. The Ministry of Economics of Taiwan foretells that in five years its volume will make $1,5 billion Thus the market has started to develop more recently: in 2006 Sony has presented the first mass electronic book Reader PRS - 500 in which the technology " is used; electronic ink . And a year later company Amazon has let out device Kindle which has begun an excessive demand for similar technical novelties. For first five and a half hours weigh circulation Amazon Kindle has been bought up, and sales have renewed only in some months. Today, if to trust research Digitimes Research, Amazon occupies 60 % of the world market of electronic books. But experts doubt that the companies will be possible to keep superiority. To it on heels comes iPad - one of the most ambitious projects of general director Apple of Steve Jobs. Anonymous sources inside Amazon say that by the end of 2009 in the world has been sold 3 million every possible updatings Kindle whereas analysts of the company iSuppli predict Apple iPad twice the big sales (7,1 million) only within current year.

an analyst Gin Munster urges Amazon to reduce the price on Kindle to $149 or at all to refuse sale of devices under own brand, having concentrated on online - distributions of a digital content. But it is obvious that the share of market Amazon without fight will not hand over.

the Secret
The matter is that Apple iPad - the multipurpose and compact Internet - the tablet with multimedia functions - offers users ample opportunities for purchase and reading of books. Simultaneously with the beginning of sales of the device service iBookStore, doing process of a choice and purchase of an electronic copy of the book as much as possible evident and simple has been started. While it is offered to the user more than 60 thousand literary works - almost five times less, than assortment the Internet - shop Amazon. com, but it only the beginning. But Apple has concluded contracts with the majority of large western publishing houses, and now with the help iPad it is possible to read electronic versions of popular newspapers and glossy magazines, such as Esquire, Men ` s Health, GQ, Wired, Wall Street Journal and others. According to Steve Jobs, in the first put sales it has been realised 300 thousand copies of the device, and also it is downloaded 250 thousand copies of electronic books and about 1 million appendices. For five days the number downloaded of service iBookStore books already has reached 600 thousand

the Agiotage has arisen and in Russia: the first copies of the device have appeared in Moscow the Internet - shops in some days at the price four times exceeding recommended in USA, - 60 thousand roubles against $500. The manager the Internet - shop uppstore. ru Pavel Mamonov has explained BG that so high price - a consequence of complexities with delivery: even in the USA devices have appeared on sale only in firm shops Apple and retail trading network BestBuy, have quickly ended, and to sell more than two copies per customer it was forbidden.

Nevertheless the first iPad nevertheless have found the buyers - in the first day of sales uppstore. ru has sold 4 copies available available, and has received the following party - 14 pieces in the evening. High interest to the device Boris Berenshtejn, the owner popular confirms also the Internet - shop reader - sony. ru, trading in electronic books: Certainly, we prepared for the beginning of sales. Advanced orders was a little: all waited for the first reviews of a novelty. However now demand on iPad agiotage, and that will be further when the first wave will subside, will show time .

At the moment of a writing of this material of passion have a little settled: check by service Yandex. A market shows that now iPad is available almost in 40 Russian Internet - shops, and the prices have decreased twice.

Tanks of a dirt are not afraid
One of the largest players of the market, not frightened of a possible competition with Apple iPad, - registered in 2007 in Kiev company PocketBook occupying, according to reports of analytical group SmarkMarketing, 43 % of the Russian market of devices for reading. Following the results of 2009, according to the internal report of the company, it has occupied 10 % of the world market of electronic books. In January Ukrainians declared structure PocketBook Global creation where the American investment group Western Graphics and Taiwan OEM - ODM manufacturer Netronix Inc has entered also. Now the company plans an exit on the foreign market, is going to develop the Internet - shop of electronic copies of books for English-speaking audience. But the basic attention on - former will be given to the Russian market, its potential capacity in PocketBook estimate in 4 million devices.

has no problems with buyers and the company Ajmobilko - one of the most popular in Russia legal book the Internet - shops. Under the statement of the general director of the company Nikolay Belousova, daily in shop 50 roubles for the book are bought about 2 thousand electronic books by the average price approximately. However, the part from them is got on a subscription - in this case the price of everyone makes 17 roubles . Till the end of the year the company expects to increase sales of electronic books not less than ten times. And then to enter the market of devices for reading: We really plan release of the device for reading of electronic books, possibly, it will be at once a series, - mister Belousov speaks. - to Discuss details we are not ready yet, but I can tell that these devices will appear in shops to the middle of year .

plans on creation of own device on April, 7th declared even the Internet - shop Ozon. ru. Details are not disclosed yet though experts call success of the future enterprise into question: in 2009 by shop it has been sold all 13 thousand electronic books though all in the catalogue 22 thousand

Certainly contains, BG should ask to comment on domestic players of the market exit Apple iPad. Nikolay Belousov has declared: the Excellent device. We, by the way, now finish adaptation of our program Ajchitalka for work on iPad. Certainly, it will compete with uzkoprofilnymi devices for reading, as well as with inexpensive netbukami. But completely the device for reading of electronic books from the market will not force out: always there will be those who will prefer liquid ink more to ample opportunities multipurpose iPad . Boris Berenshtejn considers that at least on sales volumes Kindle it will be precisely beaten - all - taki this specific device for the American market . Thus mister Belousov admitted that for reading of books uses basically iPhone thanks to working out of the company Ajchitalka . The same as also the general director of publishing house God-sends, Ivanov and Ferber Michael Ivanov: I read with iPhone, in it there is a support of platform Amazon Kindle. Itself Kindle to me has seemed not so convenient, this additional device, unlike phone .

the Epoch of changes
the Only thing in what our experts are unanimous, is that the traditional publishing industry serious changes wait. Even in the most reading to the country of Russia cumulative circulations of printing editions fall. According to the Russian book chamber, in 2009 for the first time for last three years falling of cumulative circulations of the Russian publishing houses - on 5,8 % has been fixed. Nikolay Belousov makes comments: Circulations of paper books decrease, and in the future this process only will amplify. Traditional books, certainly, remain in the market, but mainly expensive, beautiful, gift editions will be issued in printing. And the popular literature will leave more and more in an electronic kind. I do not think that in connection with growth of popularity of electronic books large publishing houses will leave from the market, but they should reflect on new channels of distribution seriously. Thus the western experience prompts that without support of specialised platforms on distribution of electronic books to traditional publishers not to manage. Any large western publishing house has not managed to adjust successful sales of electronic books independently . So in the near future it is necessary to expect occurrence of new players in the market of book distribution, mister Belousov concludes.

With it Michael Ivanov basically agrees: legal demand for electronic books of publishing house grows on 15 - 20 % a year though and now in electronic form on - former 1 % is on sale only. One and a half years ago mister Ivanov in the corporate blog has written: Popularization of devices of reading thanks to efforts Amazon, Sony and, probably, Apple will make the market of electronic books mass the next two years . And now the words does not refuse, simply hardly corrects the forecast: On this all - taki it is required hardly to more time. I think, in Russia it is three - five years from the moment of occurrence of the first version iPad .