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In Kazan will collect the Brazilian planes

Russia and Brazil carry on negotiations for licence manufacture of the Brazilian planes at the Kazan aviation production association (KAPO). By data it is a question of manufacture Embraer 145, the project is offered by Brazil and discussed with Incorporated aviabuilding corporation from the beginning of year. Experts and participants of the market notice that world demand for planes was essentially reduced by capacity of 50 places, and believe that Embraer expects to get additional profit at the expense of the Russian clients.
veb carries on negotiations with National bank socially - economic development of Brazil (local bank of development) for manufacture in Russia the Brazilian regional planes capacity to 50 places, the head of state corporation Vladimir Dmitrys has declared at the summit of countries BRIC. we now do not speak neither about volumes, nor about the sums - he has underlined, having noticed only that If it is a question of projects of type of cooperation in creation of the civil regional plane, it is hundred millions dollars . Mister Dmitrys has noticed that negotiations with the Brazilian concern Embraer are not conducted yet, and interest from the Russian side was shown by government Tatarii which is ready to give for the project capacities at the Kazan aviation production association. Official representative veba could not add something.

in Incorporated aviabuilding corporation (OAK, owns KAPO) have confirmed that have received from the Brazilian party of the offer under the project, now they are considered. In detail to tell about offers in OAK have refused. But a source in corporation has explained that negotiations last from the beginning of year, and it is a question of manufacture of plane Embraer by 145 capacity of 50 places. At the same time, as he said, in ruler OAK in the given niche there is a model of An - 140, made on the Samara factory Aviabarks (belongs to Russian cars Oleg Deripaska, in the near future can be a part OAK). All these questions will be analysed in a complex - the interlocutor " has noted; . However, according to the head of analytical service of agency Aviaport Oleg Panteleeva, turbo-propeller An - 140 hardly can consider as the competitor jet Embraer 145. On a short shoulder of transportations of advantage of the jet plane in speed it is difficult to use, whereas fuel efficiency turbo-propeller 10 times more - it explains.

in Embraer the fact of negotiations with OAK did not begin to confirm. Embraer considers the Russian market as potential for this category of planes. If the companies have an interest Embraer can study possibility of the similar agreement - has told vice-president Embraer on commercial aircraft of Mauro the Core. At the same time at company office have informed that planes Embraer 145 in Brazil any more are not issued, licence manufacture is opened in China.

experts notice that planes in niche Embraer 145 are claimed by the Russian market and domestic ekspluatanty have already begun purchases of technics of this class. JUTejr in March has started operation CRJ 200 Canadian Bombardier. According to the general director JUTejr Andrey Martirosova, the company considered Embraer 145, and the choice in favour of CRJ has been caused by features of configuration of passenger salon and favourable terms of financing of the transaction. But it is necessary to mean that it is very difficult segment in the aviabusiness, now similar planes becomes more and more in the secondary market that says that airlines pass to planes bolshej capacity - mister Martirosov marks.

General director Infomost Boris Rybak considers that Embraer 145 - the qualitative plane, analogues to which in Russia are not present. If manufacture localisation makes it more cheaply, will buy - the analyst believes. According to Oleg Panteleeva, start of manufacture Embraer 145 in Russia will be anyway favourable to the Brazilian aviaconcern, as volumes of direct sales Embraer 145 are reduced, and new manufacture under the licence will make still for a long time profit. At the same time the expert believes that the Russian airlines will be ready to get regional planes only under condition of the state subsidising of such transportations.