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Stats - secretary Minregiona Yury Osintsev at meeting on questions is state - private partnership (GCHP) has presented the project of new institute under the aegis of department - Bank of city development. Minregion sees its deduced of - under Central Bank control, as well as veb is, on a plan of mister Osintseva, will allow structure, under the status close to state corporation to be engaged in projects GCHP more effectively.
last week Minregion has published the report stats - the secretary, zamglavy Yury Osintseva`s departments at meeting on problems is state - private partnership Five components of strategy of development GCHP . The document recognises GCHP one of effective tools of interaction of the state and business also offers for simplification of realisation of projects GCHP to create under the aegis of Minregiona actually new state corporation - Bank of city development (BGR).

Main objective BGR proclaims maintenance of off-budget financing of city development regarding building of accessible habitation, a social and engineering infrastructure on the basis of GCHP, and also control over an expenditure of the budgetary funds directed on infrastructural development. In the report it is noticed that the nearest analogy BGR (taking into account specificity of agriculture) is Rosselhozbank as specialised institute of development . However if Rosselhozbank has the organizational form of Open Society and submits to all rules of financial regulation and supervision, for BGR Minregion wants to receive a mode special pravosposobnosti . It Can include support by the state of its credit status, clearing of regulation by the Central bank of the Russian Federation, possibility of distribution of means of state support in the form of grants or interest rate grants (through change of tools of investment fund) and the conclusion of contracts with regional or municipal administrations without competition (it is similar to activity of the international financial institutions of development of the Russian Federation) - mister Osintsev marks.

As has explained representative Minregiona, from the ministry development of a regional infrastructure demand, but tools for this purpose in home market are not present. On building is AIZHK, at banks - ASV, Minregionu also is necessary the structure for attraction of means in regional development. While direct means for such projects any commercial bank cannot (target level of rates for GCHP, according to Minregiona, makes to 10 - 12 % annual. - ) - from here and idea to create BGR, and the requirement for it certain preferences .

Now means of fund of reforming of housing and communal services, for example, are allocated on an irrevocable basis. Creation BGR, according to the report of mister Osintseva, will allow to continue activity within the limits of the federal target program Dwelling with the assistance of fund of housing and communal services, fund of development of housing construction and AIZHK already on the new platform which is based on returnable and economically well-founded basis . Investors, in particular, are offered to build objects of an infrastructure with a condition of their repayment in the property of the subject of the Russian Federation or municipal union during 15 - 25 years.

Minregion suggests to fix legislatively preservation of in addition received budgetary funds of all levels as a result of realisation of such investment projects behind the budget which is carrying out the repayment of object - for all term to the repayment. As has explained one of participants of meeting in Minregione, director TSSKP Ural Mountains Andrey Tiunov, the additional stream of taxes generated by realisation of infrastructural projects GCHP, it is offered to leave at that budgetary level which participates in GCHP, and to direct just on the repayment of the constructed objects regional and municipal authorities - other means for this purpose neither at governors, nor at heads of municipalities is not present . Thus the expert has explained that with new infrastructural objects all is clear: have constructed road to a deposit - have received surtaxes . Clearness with economic benefit allocation at reconstruction of already existing capacities in Minregione is not present - here work with the Ministry of Finance and other departments " is necessary;. On a question About that, what for it is necessary to create BGR thus that already there is division VeBa which is engaged in projects GCHP, mister Tiunov has explained: Creation BGR is discussed at participation or on the basis of veba, and in the bank about the initiative know also objections of mister Bazhenov (the director of the Center it is state - private partnership of Foreign trade and investment bank. - ) it does not cause. veb it is focused on global projects, and it simply does not have regional infrastructure under small and average projects GCHP .

In Minregione have explained that while the innovation is discussed at level of idea and by any legislative initiatives is not issued. will watch succession of events.