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Senator Yeliseyev is not ready to resignation

As it became known the speaker of Council Sergey Mironov has asked the governor of the Chelyabinsk area Michael Jurevicha to renominate federations (Council of Federation) the representative in Council of Federation of operating senator Evgenie Yeliseyev. However a management an United Russia already recommended to the new head of area to delegate to Council of Federation of the leader Young guards Ruslana Gattarova. Mister Yeliseyev has declared that to a management an United Russia it is necessary to solve more competently personnel questions.
in the letter to the new governor of the Chelyabinsk area Michael Jurevichu (its inauguration is planned for April, 22nd) the speaker of Council of Federation has asked to consider possibility to renominate as the representative from executive power of region of senator Evgenie Yeliseyev which to the upper chamber was delegated for the present by operating governor Peter Sumin. According to Sergey Mironov, Evgenie Yeliseyev Has proved as the responsible, professional statesman actively defending interests of the Chelyabinsk area in federal authorities . Meanwhile a management an United Russia already recommended to mister Jurevichu to delegate to Council of Federation of the leader Young guards an United Russia the deputy of regional Legislative Assembly Ruslana Gattarova who is a member gensoveta parties and recently has entered into its central selective staff ( informed on it on April, 15th). This decision a source in an United Russia has explained that with Evgenie Yeliseyev`s activity are dissatisfied in party, it it is absolute bezynitsiativnyj and the inactive person .

mister Yeliseyev has declared that to dear management an United Russia personnel questions should be solved more competently : If you have to attach the person would invite me beforehand and all have directly told. And they have run to be engaged in employment (Ruslana Gattarova. - ), and of me have not thought and have simply told that I rubbish. It all the same that you work, and to you come and say that from tomorrow you do not work, because bad . Having reminded that in an United Russia it consists since 2002, mister Yeliseyev has noticed that which - that useful to a society and for party has made . If we work only on interests of party, how several decades ago, we can roll down in a narcissism bog - he has noted. Mister Gattarova the senator named the good party functionary however has noticed that in connection with its congestion in party at it there will be not many prospects for legislative activity in Council of Federation.

In an United Russia claims of the senator in the address of a shallow. The first zamsekretarja presidium gensoveta an United Russia Sergey Neverov has told that Yeliseyev should ask questions to governor Jurevichu, than it does not arrange : How many to Yeliseyev of years? 57?! In general the deserved people at us retire, but if it claimed and has made much for area for certain the governor will offer it a position . Having noticed that Michael Jurevich - the young governor and the active party member mister Neverov has reminded that president Dmitry Medvedev says that it is necessary to look a personnel bench and to try youth . I Understand, at us a course on modernisation, but I do not consider myself as the out-of-date person, - mister Yeliseyev parried. - I am on an edge, being the doctor of sciences and the deserved economist of the Russian Federation, I teach to students management .

Meanwhile Sergey Mironov`s next reference to the head of region concerning appointment of the senator can aggravate its conflict to the party in power again. Practice of the speaker of Council of Federation to recommend to regions of a nominee of senators already was exposed to criticism from outside an United Russia . As informed on February, 6th, the head of the Duma committee of the constitutional legislation Vladimir Pligin ( an United Russia ) Has addressed to the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to initiate check of actions of the speaker of Council of Federation. He has paid attention to the letters of recommendation, going mister Mironov in regional authorities, in which the attention to the question on appointment of this or that person as the representative in federation Council " was brought;. In particular, according to the head of committee, the such letter has been directed the governor of the Kurgan region Oleg Bogomolovu. Vladimir Pligin asked the State Office of Public Prosecutor to state an estimation, whether the given actions by one of ways of intervention in activity of bodies of the state power of subjects of the Russian Federation " are;. In the device of the speaker of Council of Federation then explained that the statement of mister Mironov is simply a wish and no official references to a management existing. Mister Yeliseyev concerning the possible conflict from - for its letter of recommendation has told that its Sergey Mironov signed and knew that did : I do not see any conflicts with an United Russia - tempest in a tea cup .