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Exhumation in especially large sizes

In hire there was Nikita Mikhalkov`s new film Tired with the sun 2 16 years removed later after the first picture — to freshen it in memory for correct understanding of the second series the director does not insist on necessity, considering the MOUSTACHE 2 independent product. Having reconsidered nevertheless the first film, Lydia MASLOV has assumed that after enough convincing death of the basic characters occurring to them now it is possible to perceive as their adventure in a hell.
staunch people like komdiva Kotova (Nikita Mikhalkov) not in a condition to change paradise (to which its country life with a family was similar before behind it have come in the first film), a hell where such men only grow stronger. The hell has got to Kotovu as though the two-level: It receives in its one part on a visit Stalin (Maxim Sukhanov) who dips the person in a pie decorated with a Stalin chocolate bas-relief, and in other infernal branch it serves time on 58 - j to article, with which suddenly replace on 129 - ju (plunder in especially large), apparently, just in day of the beginning of war. After that cats valorously is at war in shtrafbate, makes some feats and even dosluzhivaetsja to an award and previous conviction removal which persistently refuses because at liberty all the same nobody waits for it.

at Kotovsk contender Miti (Oleg Menshikov) who in the end of an old film has opened to itself veins in a bath with a kind to the Kremlin, the hell is quieter, not such heroic and bloody, and is faster intellectual (though a speckled devil in kitele the same). Now the musician who has got to millstones of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs and dokrutivshijsja them to the colonel, is compelled to play a summer residence of a Satan to it on a grand piano, and then to go on searches of Kotova which as it is found out, has not been shot. Quite normal concept of hellish torments - when you are compelled to search again for the worst enemy who spokojnenko considered dead. As, probably, additional punishment now Mitja is married on released from Kotova Maruse who performed by Victoria Tolstoganovoj has turned to the absolute hen: easy chicken inclinations of Marusja showed in the first the MOUSTACHE but their Ingeborga Dapkunajte prigashivala the Nordic restraint. Replacement of the actress where - that even pulls on the director`s find reflecting ability of the heroine to change depending on a situation. In the first film looked a little strange when the woman at first loves one person and cuts from - for it veins, then marries for other of reasons And where to disappear? and having learnt that for the monster her husband who has destroyed its happiness with the first beloved, to steam of minutes for the sake of appearance sobs: do not approach to me! - only that with the doubled passion to it to be given. In not numerous scenes with Marusej, which in the MOUSTACHE 2 it is shown as though pro forma, the suspicion creeps in that this eternal victim of own flexibility has again appeared in the same situation: lives with one person, there is no place because besides to disappear, but in destiny of another, Kotova at which mention strongly quickens more is interested.

however, the theme of a sharing of one woman for two Nikita Mikhalkov, apparently, any more does not occupy men: the MOUSTACHE 2 - in a greater degree a film about love of the father and daughter Kotovyh. The charming child (Nadja Mikhalkov) allocated with natural virtuosity whom in the first film komdiv gently named utkonosikom For sixteen years has grown in polovozrelogo a duck-bill in beretike which in respect of actor`s abilities can show first of all ability to make a wry mouth and shed tears. Having got from pionerlagerja where it was vozhatoj, on front the sister of mercy, Nadja makes the way through a military hell, without suspecting that where - that absolutely nearby all time is remembered it by the father with whom at them sometimes happen synchronous fleshbeki about memorable boat walk with conversation on the Soviet power and soft pjatochkah. The Sunny day in paradise by contrast is mounted with a bluish portrait of Kotova which are becoming covered with hoarfrost in an entrenchment, but firmness of spirit not losing: Nikita Mikhalkov looks from - under the decorative snow which have strewn lightly his eyebrow same clear, firm and not foretelling to anybody of anything good a look what he looked through the blood which was filling in his face in the ending the MOUSTACHE .

In the second film of another`s blood, both German, and Russian, flows much more, than Kotovsk. It is a pity that the hero in the first part the MOUSTACHE 2 never plainly uses the effective adaptation which it has got on a zone, namely a glove with iron fingers on the left hand where from the index the steel edge is put forward. However, judging by a trailer of the third part the MOUSTACHE under the name the Citadel there there will be also an explanation as at Kotova the iron claw has grown, and application to it will be. Then, probably, a great film about great war on level of director`s boldness will give any grounds for its comparison with tarantinovskimi Disgraceful mongrels a little prematurely already sounded in a press. Meanwhile the MOUSTACHE 2 on intonation and power reminds something like a poem film equivalent " more likely; Vasily Terkin - Slow, quiet - and, in general - that leaving quiet - transfer of different surprising, ridiculous, touching and terrible cases which happen in the war. Unlike Quentin Tarantino who has thought up really unique case, Nikita Mikhalkov uses basically already familiar on a cinema - well, short of most infernalnogo an attraction in which it is literally shown, to what degree to fascists to spit on the Soviet people.