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The guy from the next American court yard

the American - a cosmopolitan David Brown plays the simple songs in group Brazzaville years ten. In the quiet and warm priest - fate to the guitar it intertwines a little bit with Latinas, sings with a southern disposition to laziness and is able to make impression of the guy from the next court yard. On a group concert in club the Waiting room MAX Hagen descended.
in general - that Brown - a cosmopolitan and globalist in the best sense. - Andzhelesa has left Los to Barcelona, and recently - to Istanbul. Each time in group there were changes, the structure was adjusted to local musicians. Some years ago from giving of Artemija Troitsk and a label the Union Brazzaville were actively untwisted in Russia that was rather promoted by type songs Night Train To Moscow and Girl From Vladivostok . On justice, translate songs Brazzaville on Russian - and the ready product for a local radio format will turn out. Melodies simple and heart-felt to execute them it is possible though in club though to the guitar in a court yard, in Brown`s vocal slip intonations that Maxim Leonidov, Joe Dassena. The actor reacts To hot Russian love adequately, its most successful step became perepevka Stars by name of the Sun groups Cinema . Here to it already just right was to give out a medal for strengthening of a cultural contact.

the album exit " became an occasion to last visits Brazzaville to Russia; Brazzaville in Istanbul where old songs have been changed in a new way with new people. With Brown from Istanbul there have arrived the drummer and the picturesque guitarist - smoothfaced bare and with a broad beard. The promised exotic to Petersburg was started up by the Icelandic volcano. However, have managed and without it.

the Concert in the Waiting room it has turned out analogue a home concert the person on three hundred. A sound as specially, was quiet, and atmosphere friendly; From - for a hall requests reached to sing that yes se, many of them without superfluous ceremoniousness were executed there and then. Among conversations for life from a scene the recent history has emerged, about the offer of a certain Chelyabinsk promoter to write a song Baba iz Chelyaba - in addition to to the Girl from Vladivostok . Without our all too has not managed in any way, Brazzaville it is accurate otmolotili Star Called Sun that is the Star by name of the Sun . Green - Eyed Taxi ( the Green-eyed taxi ) have sung all together: a couplet on - anglijski, a refrain on - russki, for completeness of sensations there was no only Michael Bojarsky`s hat.