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“ Eskom “ does new calling

the Largest in the south of Russia farmproizvoditel - the Stavropol concern “ Eskom “ - intend to renew during the current year the projects of creation of new manufactures suspended in crisis. In May the concern will sum up the tender and will define suppliers of the process equipment. For realisation of projects “ Eskom “ intend to involve means of private investors, and also to receive financing from outside “ Rosnano “. According to the company management, new domestic preparations will be much cheaper than import analogues. Experts disperse in forecasts concerning similar forecasts.

Open Society “ Scientifically - industrial concern “έρκξμ“ “ declared the tender following the results of which will define suppliers of the process equipment under projects of new capacities for release of medical preparations. As the assistant to the general director of the enterprise for manufacture of Hasan Kupov has informed „“, foreign suppliers participate in the tender, in particular, from Italy, Germany, China, South Korea only.

earlier it was planned that the basic partner “ Eskom “ becomes South Korean Choongwae pharma Corp. (See „“ Ή 157 from 03. 09. 2008) . In 2008 the concern intended to get lines on manufacture infuzionnyh solutions, and further to create on the Stavropol capacities joint venture on release of antibiotics. In 2009 from - for crisis projects have been suspended, and now, according to mister Kupova, “ the Korean firm is considered by concern as one of potential suppliers, the general cost of technologies got by “Eskomom“ will make nearby $200 million “.

As the financial director " has told „“; Eskom “ Yury Suslov, taking into account expenses for introduction of technologies, building of objects and certification of preparations, as a whole the program of development of concern is estimated in 7,8 mlrd roubles. The basic directions - increase in capacities on infuzionnym to solutions, start in a series of preparations parenteralnogo (artificial) food, and also creation of manufacture of antibiotics of new generation on an industrial platform in Armavir (Krasnodar territory). Times of recovery of outlay of projects make 7 - 8 years, thus for 1 - 1,5 years the concern is ready to finish building of objects, and still 1,5 years certification of medicines and the subsequent start in manufacture can occupy.

now, according to mister Suslov, with banks negotiations are carried on for granting of credit resources and foreign investors, except that, conditions sofinansirovanija projects are discussed with “ Rosnano “.

Under Yury Suslov`s forecast, market price of new preparations it will be considerable below import, including, at the expense of reduction of production costs and trading margins. In particular, on parenteralnomu to a food twice - 500 rbl. For a bottle 400 - 500 ml against 1000 rbl. for import analogue.

Open Society NPK “ Eskom “ it is based in 1998. Lets out more than 30 names various infuzionnyh solutions. An authorised capital stock - 85,2 million rbl., shareholders - physical persons (citizens of the Russian Federation). The total profit in 2008 has made 433,5 million rbl., net profit - 126,9 million rub .

Experts disperse in forecasts concerning realness of forecasts of a management “ Eskoma “. “ Expenses for manufacture make less than half of cost of preparations, and only at the expense of reduction of a chain of intermediaries - distributors and absence of the customs duties can achieve considerable reduction of prices “ - the analyst " considers; the WHALE of Finans “ Natalia Kolupaeva. In its opinion, projects “ Eskom “ on the verge of venture, therefore without attraction of state financing to concern will manage difficult. “ Private investors, including western, are now put in “faster“ projects where it is not necessary to wait three years prior to the beginning of a batch production and still a minimum two years to an exit on a recoupment “ - has explained the representative “ the WHALE of Finans “.

“ the Project applies for the status innovative, therefore can count on state support “ - analyst UK " considers; finam Management “ Maxim Kljagin. “ Under loans to real sector the disorder of cost of means is now wide enough: from 15 - 16 % to 25 % and above “ - the expert adds.

the requirement for preparations parenteralnogo a food, and also antibiotics of last generation in Russia is very high that should make projects attractive to investors, the general director National distribjutorskoj considers Ivanov`s companies Nastasja. However, in its opinion, realisation of projects does not guarantee depreciation of medicines. “ Huge initial investments, not cheap labour, the big means for production advancement - all it will work on production rise in price. In comparison with foreign analogues it will be possible to save only on logistics and customs “ - Ivanov`s madam considers.