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On a full revolving object

Alexander Voronov about the most appreciable parties of the 1st of May

In these days off the present holiday is promised to fans oldskulnogo hip - hopa and to masters a break - dansa an old school - on May, 1st in club Mosproject the legend of all these styles Joseph Saddler more known as Grandmaster Flash will act. The native of Barbados Joseph - the first rapper, whose name it has been brought in the American Hall of glory fate - n - a beater. On a legend, the term hip - hop it is invented in 1978 by one of Joseph`s members of team which was called Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five. Besides, Joseph Saddler has become famous didzhejskimi for tricks. So, to it attribute the first use in tracks didzhejskih skretchej, become in due course so popular. And in general, though Joseph not bad sings and perfectly executes reading, its basic merits lie in area terntablizma (from English turntable - a revolving object ) When with plates juggle literally, and handles of panels twist nearly a nose. Yes what there, some critics not unreasonably attribute the invention and most terntablizma to Joseph though in it has actively participated also Afrika Bambaataa, and the term has been thought up in 1995. It is curious that Saddlera knew and in the USSR. And it heard and saw, most likely, without suspecting about it. The bright example - classics a break - dansa, a track of the jazzman - experimenter Herbi Henkoka Rock It . In its Union knew as music from a film the Courier - a revolutionary tape in the musical plan in which to various strata of society for the first time have shown how the break - dans looks. Actually, well-known plastinochnye zapily in Rock It is literally a handwork of Grandmastera Flesha. Later on the Soviet television even have shown live execution Rock It amazed citizens unknown special effects. From a ceiling of a hall during performance the cluster of mechanical feet twitching in beat overhung, and any guy furiously conjured with vinyl players in wild points and ear-phones with the aerial - unknown in general - that the guy: at that time in our country did not know a word the DJ not that that Grandmaster Flesh. How much well there were affairs at Joseph in 1980 - h (three awards the Grammy including for teamwork with Kvinsi Johns), so badly they were in 1990 - h. Saddler, truth, has tried to arrange kambek in the end of a decade, having let out something like Best Of however a plate even plainly have not noticed. However 52 - summer Grandmaster Flesh has found forces to return in 2009 - m, having let out absolutely new album The Bridge - Concept Of A Culture where has invited modern rappers like Snup Dogga. However it was remembered by much, of course, in other kind - in mad points with pair revolving objects or at the worst with dvuhkassetnikom.

From other events it is necessary to note proceeding tour activity of club - domes Air where in a week after the British veteran Dejva Simena one more authoritative old resident of the revolving object, one of directors of British label Renaissance Markus James goes. Behind revolving objects James, as well as it is necessary to the director of a label, reduces almost all palette of own production, whether it be the sated house, a techno, qualitative electronics or remixes of the old and new electrified hits. However admirers of electronics much more it wait for Spaniard Henri Saiza, whose performance in Air should take place in the same evening. Saiz plays classical progressiv - a house, beautiful and thoughtful electronics that in itself the big rarity presently, and does it so talently that many klabery consider as its new electronic guru. It is remarkable that the Moscow set of Saiza is declared on its official page of service Myspace, however in Air performance new a techno - stars why - that do not hurry up to announce that has given klaberam soil for the diversified hearings.

at last, in the 1st of May it is necessary to pay attention and to institution Arma where the whole delegation of the best representatives of a visible German techno - club and a techno - label Tresor lands. They are citizens of Germany Blejk Bakster and Daniel Razhkovich, and also Englishman Alan Fittspatrik. From all this a techno - Trinities at Bakstera the greatest experience of dialogue with Tresor, longplej with a rigid Detroit techno within the limits of cooperation with German a record - the company it has let out the first in 1991 that on a techno - to measures the whole eternity. During last time at Bakstera it turns out to co-operate successfully enough with the veteran naturalized in the USA flew - a house from Ecuador Carlos Abrahamom Djukom Alsivarom (it simply Abe Duque). However, the first violin in capital tour Tresor give to Englishman Fittspatriku. Back it has received Couple of years solid advance payments from the veteran of branch John Digvida (just, by the way, visited Moscow) which has considered Alan as opening of year. Fittspatrik, it is necessary to tell, like would justify trust of the master, for example, last autumn it has let out on a label of Digvida Bedrock rather melodious flew - a house - a plate. However, if to speak about Alan`s sets, and all Trinity as a whole melodiki in their performances frankly it is not enough, is not present words at all, but a pressure though take away. It is necessary to notice also that Tresor in Arma brings creative association DAR under control of capital DJ Denis A who started from supplies of Denni Tenaglia, Nika of Warren and Dejva Simena and now with might and main increases tour rate.