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Alexander Zubarev was supported Kursk esery

On Monday by deputies of the Kursk regional thought have confirmed Alexander Zubarev`s nominee on a post of the first deputy of the governor - heads of the regional government. Mister Zubarev occupies it since 2000 and it is considered a key figure in a command of governor Alexander Mihajlova recently confirmed to the post for new term. For mister Zubarev 30 deputies from 34 have voted, against the fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has acted. we consider that the government of Kursk area could make much more for socially - economic development of region, therefore our fraction votes against - the representative of Communist Party Alexander Anpilov has explained. For Alexander Zubarev`s statement the fraction " has voted; Fair Russia (three deputies) in spite of the fact that the bureau regotdelenija on Saturday has made the opposite decision. According to the head of fraction eserov Margaritas Molokovoj, the bureau decision was illegitimate. We will remind that regotdelenie Fair Russia the deputy of the State Duma, businessman Alexander Chetverikov heads. Kursk spravedlivorossy repeatedly acted with criticism of the regional government and its prime minister Alexander Zubarev. The source in regotdelenii has informed yesterday that party sanctions in the relation eserov - deputies are rather possible however while any decisions it is not accepted.