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Dirk De Man: today every third sold in Russia of Lexus RX - hybrid

Hybrid technologies, is convinced the operating sales manager and to Open Company marketing Toyota the Motor Dirk De Man, completely correspond to inquiries of the Russian drivers which equally appreciate technical novelty of the car and its profitability.
- initially brand of Lexus has been focused on the American market. Becoming a global brand, whether continues Lexus to consider local specificity? And in what, in your opinion, specificity of the Russian market and the Russian consumer?

- From the moment of arrival on the Russian market of Lexus considers specificity of business dealing in the country. The solving word always remains for the client. If we analyse our lineup and dynamics of sales of Lexus in Russia during the last years, the conclusion is unequivocal: Lexus cars completely correspond to inquiries and market expectations. If to speak about the Russian market of bonus cars, it is substantially focused on sales of off-road cars. And by working out of a lineup we take it into consideration. I would tell that variety of the newest technologies (the same hybrid drive of Lexus) is developed by us taking into account mentality and psychology of the Russian motorist which appreciates courageous innovations and revolutionary breaks.

- Lexus - cars with the very accurately reckoned characteristics. Could name you criteria of consumer interest by which founders of new models of Lexus are guided?

- In industrial philosophy of Lexus principles of quality, reliability, attention to each detail are initially put. It not abstract principles, is expectations of our clients.

Stopping on this point in question in more details, I would name such integral qualities of our models, as dimensions, comfort and innovations. For the European buyer ecological characteristics become the defining factor in favour of a choice of hybrid model, the Russian motorists, making of the decision on purchase of a bonus hybrid, give also great attention to comfort and the status. Unlike the majority of the European motorists attaching huge significance to ecological characteristics, the Russian motorists, choosing class models a premium put on the first place statusnost and comfort.

we consider various interests, with understanding concerning all inquiries of clients. But first of all our cars should meet the requirements a premium - a segment. We are convinced that owners of Lexus still should have special feeling not only from driving, but also from contact with a brand as that. Inexpressible feeling of absolute rest and confidence, luxury and comfort.

At last as I have already mentioned, Lexus cars always are on a first line of technical progress. In a ruler of the newest hybrid models of Lexus the high technologies existing in the automobile industry are presented.

- programs of power savings, introduction of effective and harmless cars are today at the majority of bonus brands. In what feature of the approach of Lexus to this problem and advantages of your corporate program before competitors?

- Lexus - the leader and the pioneer in working out of bonus models of cars with a hybrid drive. We offer the widest lineup of hybrid cars. On new Lexus RX450h the hybrid drive of the second generation (our competitors only deduce on the market the first samples or plan their working out) is applied. Now hybrids - the most non-polluting and effective from modern vehicles. They provide low level of harmful emissions in atmosphere, keeping excellent dynamic characteristics. On cars in a modelling ruler of Lexus the drive system is applied polnogibridnaja. Lexus with hybrid installation we name full hybrids. As it is known, hybrids are set in motion by a usual internal combustion engine and one or two electromotors. The difference between soft hybrids and full is essential. Soft hybrids with srednegibridnoj drive system are usual vehicles with the system, allowing to disconnect an internal combustion engine at braking and stops. On polnogibridnyh Lexus models are used or only an electric motor (absolutely silent operating mode, with a zero exhaust of harmful substances), or the usual and electric motors, which energy it is summarised. The system of a hybrid drive itself defines, what mode is most effective. Advantage polnogibridnoj systems is shown both in the best dynamic characteristics, and in effective fuel consumption. It conclusive competitive advantage of cars of Lexus.

- what models of Lexus are in demand to Russia and what novelties are the most perspective?

- in Russia model RX uses the Greatest popularity. Buyers of bonus cars, as a rule, are not indifferent to the big off-road cars. Lexus RX takes the central place in this segment, and, in my opinion, this car possesses the greatest commercial potential. Thus LX - our largest off-road car - also shows excellent results and has recognised reputation among segment cars luxury.

- About problems of ecology and power saving up technologies in Russia have started talking top-level. But at household level they are not perceived as prime. Perhaps for us they it is valid not so are important, how for Europe?

- the Question of preservation of environment excites all inhabitants of a planet. It cannot be denied. My experience allows to confirm: the Russian motorists of a problem of ecology worry in not smaller degree, than motorists from other countries. However in Europe, for example, the great demand on cars with effective consumption of fuel and low level of exhausts 2 is in many respects supported not only high civil consciousness, but also the governmental initiatives, taxes and the high prices for fuel.

- Lexus brand to the first in Russia began to offer the consumer cars with a hybrid drive. Whether you can estimate results of these sales?

- At us optimistical forecasts. Results of sales speak for themselves. From the moment of start in Russia programs of sales of hybrid cars more than 7 thousand models of Lexus with a hybrid drive have found the owners. The indisputable favourite - Lexus RX. Today every third sold in Russia of Lexus RX has a hybrid drive. Lexus GS450h model is appreciated by the drivers preferring dynamical style of driving. Lexus LS600h are chosen by buyers whom the comfort is important.

each new hybrid model of Lexus shows unsurpassed indicators of dynamics, comfort, small consumption of fuel (in comparison with cars of smaller segments) and considerably lowered level of exhausts 2.

- whether There are at the Russian consumers, in your opinion, any biases against hybrids and how Lexus is going to discredit them?

- Despite rather successful sales of hybrid models of Lexus, we see, what not all clients understand that such a hybrid as it works also what its advantages. In particular, many do not know that the hybrid is perfectly started at low temperatures, is safe and practically does not break. Service life of the storage battery of a hybrid same, as well as service life of all car. For five years of sales of hybrids in Russia quantity of claims and cases of guarantee repairs close to zero.

Certainly, knowledge of cars with hybrid installation grows thanks to mass-media. More and more hybrid cars it is possible to meet on country roads. Appeal of these models in the opinion of buyers grows. Results of sales visually show advantages of hybrids. Hybrids are got by those who is focused on new technologies, comfortable style of driving and prefers technics with the improved rideable characteristics, answering to high ecological standards. It is necessary to notice that users of hybrids show the greatest loyalty to a brand. One more proof of that experience of possession by the car of Lexus for them was successful.

- whether you Can present the forecasts concerning destiny of hybrids in the Russian market in general and prospects of cars of Lexus with a hybrid of the second generation in particular?

- In Russia three models of Lexus with a hybrid drive are offered. Presented in 2005 RX400h, the first-ever full hybrid crossover with excellent dynamic indicators. It in 2006 was followed GS450h, by the first-ever hybrid sedan business - a class. And at last, in 2007 there was a leader - LS600hL. Figures speak better words. Now most successfully is on sale RX (4 thousand cars). For comparison: in 2005 - m we have sold 269 hybrid cars, today cumulative sales of the mentioned three hybrid models we have reached 7 thousand

On a motor show in Geneva have presented our new hybrid model which will appear in the market in the beginning of 2011, - CT200h. With this model of Lexus plans to win a segment of compact cars, to involve the young buyers appreciating modern technologies and progressive design. We see that this category of clients grows, so, the car has high potential in Russia.

- whether you plan to introduce any special programs on advancement of hybrid models and in general Lexus cars this year?

- We have started national campaign for advancement of hybrid technologies of Lexus in which a various news media is used in April. The obvious fact: Lexus company remains the unique manufacturer offering to motorists at once three hybrid models on a choice. We have begun information campaign with special action - exhibitions of art of future Lexus Hybrid Art.

It has passed in the centre of Moscow, two steps away from Red Square. The exhibition showed the concept of a hybrid which consists in a harmonious combination of two objects to one specific goal. In a case from Lexus this combination of two various power-plants, an internal combustion engine and the electromotor, allowing to lower level of harmful exhausts, having kept excellent rideable characteristics of the car. The same idea of a combination of various technologies has received a special author`s embodiment in the works of art presented at an exhibition.

- what, in your opinion, technologies of Lexus besides hybrid installations promote growth of army of admirers of a brand?

- If to speak about the Russian market, such technologies set. Them concern also voice-activated control by onboard navigation (there is a system version in Russian), and system of an automatic parking for new model LS600hL. As a whole on Lexus market surpasses competitors in level of a complete set of the bonus models and offered options. And hybrid technologies which we actively advance in Russia, allow us to be on peak of automobile progress. The number of admirers of a brand of Lexus steadily grows.