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Salmon caught in muddy quotas

It became known about the next corruption scandal in Federal agency on fishery (Rosrybolovstvo). Investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Moscow has filed criminal charges about reception of a bribe by assistant administrator Rosrybolovstva Igor Bakulinym. According to the investigation, mister Bakulin through the intermediary - the businessman has received $250 thousand from the owner of the fishing companies for a victory at auction on distribution of quotas on vylov a Pacific salmon.

as it has been established in a course operatively - search actions, Igor Bakulina - assistant administrator Rosrybolovstva Andrey Extreme with the owner of the fishing companies of Open Company Pilon Joint-Stock Company the Commodore and Joint-Stock Company SHumshu Ivarsom Grunsbergsom the general director of the trading house " has reduced; Russian traditions (Alexander Vasilev trades in sturgeons and caviar). The first meeting between them has taken place on March, 26th in cafe Kofemanija on the Trumpet area. The meeting passed on the eve of auction on sale of shares of quotas for realisation drifternogo a craft of a salmon in an exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation which has been spent on March, 31st in Rosrybolovstve.

On this auction it was supposed to expose 16 prizes on vylov five kinds salmon (nerki, Siberian salmons, kizhucha, chavychi and gorbushi) in three economic zones - Western - Beringovomorsky, Severo - Kuril and Southern - Kuril. The initial price of each prize as it became known , varied from 7,6 million to 11 million rbl. And it was a question about drifternom (forbidden in 2009) a way lova salmon commercially at which use multikilometer networks.

mister Grunsbergs wanted to participate in auction which promised considerable profit to winners. Its desire has been published at a meeting with Igor Bakulinym, and already further negotiations passed through mister Vasileva. The parties have agreed that the number of winners of auction will include three Sakhalin fishing companies of mister Grunsbergsa, but it will cost to it $250 thousand Condition of high-ranking official Rosrybolovstva have been accepted by mister Grunsbergsom, but adjusted for that money will be transferred by tranches - in exchange for concrete steps of officials.

mister Grunsbergs has transferred first $50 thousand for mister Vasileva through the courier at restaurant the Aurora in the street Petrovka. The second and last tranche at a rate of $90 thousand has been transferred by the businessman on April, 21st in a bar on the Trumpet area in exchange for copies of the order of Rosrybolovstva about distribution of quotas in favour of Ivarsa Grunsbergsa. Right after it mister Vasilev has been detained by field investigators of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Central federal district. Then under guards took Igor Bakulina. Why the businessman has refused the further payments to the official and the intermediary, having addressed in law enforcement bodies, it is not known.

criminal case Investigation about a bribe for distribution of quotas has been transferred for investigation in investigatory department at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Central district of Moscow where past Friday accusation under item 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" has been brought to Alexander Vasilevu and Igor Bakulinu; bribe Reception ), and the Hamovnichesky district court of Moscow past Friday has arrested both for two months in the evening. To receive comments from representatives of Rosrybolovstva it was not possible.