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The authorities of Kirghizia have accused Kurmanbeka Bakieva of the organisation of murders

As the vice-president of provisional government of Kirghizia has declared, svergnutyj the president of republic Kurmanbek Bakiev is in absentia accused of the organisation of murders and abusing position. By words vitse - the premiere, is the bases for its extradition.
under two articles - for murder of two and more persons, and also abusing office position - while accusations are brought. Already there are bases for its extradition - the vice-president of provisional government of Kirghizia has declared on April, 27th Azimbek Beknazarov supervising law enforcement bodies.

Besides, the authorities of Kirghizia have sent inquiries about an extradition of some the former officials bakievskogo a mode. We have sent in some countries inquiries about an extradition eks - the prime minister - minister Danijara Usenova, the son and the brother eks - president Bakieva, the former chief of service of national safety of Murata Sutalinova and other persons - Beknazarov has informed. As he said, the former high-ranking officials and approached Bakieva are accused upon massacre during opposition meeting on April, 7th of Bishkek.

we will remind, earlier the provisional government of Kirghizia has made the decision on removal with Bakieva of the status of inviolability. Kurmanbek Bakiev does not recognise in the meantime the resignation from a state post of the head, however to come back to Kirghizia as the president does not gather. Now it is in Belarus.