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the Office of Public Prosecutor recognised tattoos out of the law

As have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor on Sverdlovsk area, during checks of correctional facilities of area about execution of the legislation on counteraction of extremist activity, 7 prisoners in whom on a body tattoos of a nazi swastika are found out have been involved in administrative responsibility. As have explained in supervising department, during checks it has been captured an order of 500 prisoners having headdresses, from a corrective colony 14 (settlement the Bunch - sinka Garinsky area of Sverdlovsk area), a corrective colony 15 and Medical - correctional facility 23 (settlement Sosva of Serovsky area of Sverdlovsk area). Concerning the condemned have been brought administrative actions on p.1 item 20. 3 KoAP of the Russian Federation ( Propagation or public demonstration of nazi attributes or symbolics ) It appoints punishment - the penalty at a rate of 500 roubles. However, in the decision on business it is not said that nakaznye should get rid of a tattoo. As have noted in supervising department, the Office of Public Prosecutor does not have powers of it to demand. but the Office of Public Prosecutor can fine once again for demonstration of a nazi swastika - have specified in supervising department.