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12. 07. 2010 in 08. 00 ch. To the address: Barnaul, E.Alekseevoj, 94, t.: (3852 349707; e - a mail: 493919@mail. ru, to/ at SPK CHarysh - Agro (FROM) (Alt. Edge, c. Krasnoshchyokov, an INN 2251004438) the initial price (NTS) holds the open auctions in the form of auction on sale of the enterprise of the debtor a uniform prize : 2124440 rbl.: the Name/ Year of release/: GAS - SAZ - 3507,1989.; GAS - 528171; MTZ - 50,1973 - 2 pieces; MTZ - 50,1974; Cows a fodder 126 goal. 56898 kg, Young growth KRS 193 goal. 44520 kg, Horses workers 10 goal. The deposit of 10 % from NTS is brought before application for the account of the debtor, a step of the auctions for increase of 5 % from NTS. Winner Torgov - the person who has offered the greatest price or the person, possessing the purchase right of priority. For participation in the Auctions it is necessary to present the demand, in conformity of item 11 of item 110 127 - FZ from 26. 10. 02. To the demand to put: The documents confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant and payment of the deposit. In addition: for fiz. Persons: a copy of the document proving the identity. For jur. Persons (IP): an extract from EGRJUL (EGRIP) or a notarial copy, the document on appointment of the head, the document confirming powers on fulfilment of large transactions, or confirming that the transaction is not large, the written decision of founders (participants) on object acquisition at the auctions, a charter copy properly assured. The contract to/ p with winner Torgov consists within 3 calendar days from the date of signing of the Report on results of the Auctions. Winner Torgov is obliged to pay the price established by the Report on results of the Auctions, not later than 30 days from the date of the contract conclusion to/ the item Acquaintance with documents on the auctions; signing of the contract on the deposit; demands acceptance in the working days to 10. 07. 2010 to the address of tendering with 11. 00 to 16. 00.

the Contract draught on the deposit: the Present contract on the deposit is concluded in the city of Barnaul _____ between ______, in the person ______, operating on the basis ____, on the one hand and SPK CHarysh - Agro in the name of the competitive managing director _______, operating on the basis of the decision EXPERT Alt. Edges A03-504/ 2009. 1. A subject of the contract 1. 1. The applicant, lists money resources at a rate of 212440 rbl., the Deposit account 40702810218210000003 Altay the Russian Federation of Open Society Rosselhozbank Barnaul, BIK 040173733, to/ with 30101810100000000733. 1. 2. The deposit is brought by the Applicant on account of maintenance of execution of obligations on payment of Property SPK CHarysh - Agro . 2. An order of entering of the deposit 2. 1. The deposit should be brought the Applicant on specified in item 1. 1. The present Contract of an abacus before application also it is considered to the Organizer of the auctions brought from the date of transfer. 3. An order of return and deposit deduction. 3. 1. The deposit comes back within five working days to the Applicant in case the decision on refusal in Demand acceptance if the Applicant participated in the Auctions is accepted, but is not recognised by the Winner if the Auctions have been recognised by not taken place. 3. 2. The deposit does not come back to the Applicant in cases: at evasion of the Applicant in case of a recognition its Winner Torgov from Report signing, at evasion of the applicant in case of a recognition its Winner Torgov from signing of the Contract of purchase and sale or execution of obligations under the purchase and sale Contract. 4. A miscellaneous. 4. 1 mutual relations of the parties which have been not established by the Contract, are regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. 5. Addresses and bank details of the parties.